How blockchain will kill fake news

Lucas Mearian for Computerworld:

As blockchain’s hype cycle continues to befuddle many about its potential beyond cryptocurrencies, businesses and governments are moving ahead with projects involving everything from digital identities to voting and supply chain tracking.

Blockchain has slipped into the “Trough of Disillusionment” (see Gartner Hype Cycle), because it got ahead of its technical and operational maturity… The technology, however, is far from a failure; its promise to deliver a single version of data truth over a secure, distributed and immutable ledger remains compelling and as it matures, many see it becoming a ubiquitous platform for financial services, ecommerce and other markets.

By 2023, blockchain is expected to climb out of the hype cycle. And over the next five years industry experts and analysts agree it will expand into a number of pragmatic use cases in payment processing, data sharing, equity trading and contract/document keeping and tracking.

One of the more unique future uses for blockhain may be thwarting fake news…

MacDailyNews Take: But, who authenticates the authenticators?


  1. I don’t trust the leadership of most tech company’s to be in charge of “authenticity,” except in specific situations like Apple’s motives toward privacy. Because Apple profits mostly from selling hardware, and wants its customers to be happy and be returning customers “forever,” Apple’s motivations are directly aligned with customers’ desires and expectations. Apple profits more by keep customer data private. For Google and Facebook, their true customers are not their users; they are the commodity being sold.

    OTOH, I don’t trust Apple to tell me what is real news versus fake news.

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