Tim Cook: In 13 years, Apple has raised more than $220 million to fight AIDS in Africa

For 13 years, supporters of Apple’s partnership with (RED) have raised more than $220 million in funding for HIV/AIDS programs.

At Apple, every (RED) purchase helps fight AIDS. 100% of all money generated by (RED) partners goes to fund HIV/AIDS programs on the ground in sub‑Saharan Africa.

MacDailyNews Take: With the life-saving medication costing as little as 30 cents a day, every person can make a difference. Through these efforts we’ll get that much closer to helping (RED) create an AIDS-free generation.


  1. Just goes to show you how stupid they are in Africa. How much money does it take to explain the ramifications of sodomizing a baboon. AIDS is result of irresponsible behavior. You don’t just come down with a case of AIDS anymore than you don’t just all of a sudden become stupid drunk. It primarily takes an action on your part. There are exceptions but AIDS can be 99% prevented by not engaging in deviant behavior.

    1. Okay effer. You asked for it…

      “How much money does it take to explain the ramifications of sodomizing a baboon.“

      Should we ask the sperm donor that made you?

      1. “…sperm donor that made you?”

        How does being a sperm donor, which results in perpetuation of a species, have anything to do with Sodomy, which is in itself a selfish act of non-reproduction, ergo, elimination of said species?

        Do you even logic?

        Oh, I see… you probably intended on this being an insult.

        1. and with cross species births as well…
          Look up “mule”, “zonkey”, “liger”, etc.
          While you’re at it look up Darwin Prize. You may be eligible.

          But most importantly, you moralistic prick, go f*ck yourself for condemning other’s because, you know, hypocrisy. It’s above your pay grade.

    2. Ok, Manco, do you regard childbearing as “deviant behavior” for everybody, or only for black women? Most of the Project (RED) money has gone for antiretroviral treatment for pregnant women to prevent the infection of their children. Oh, right, “pro-life” only applies to white babies.

      Most of the women were infected through heterosexual intercourse with their lawfully wedded husbands. No sodomy, adultery, or even fornication involved. In most of these countries, wives do not have the legal right to refuse sex with their husbands (which was true everywhere in the US except South Dakota until about 1980). Which means that they, like their babies, were infected through no fault of their own… insofar as decent human beings can deny life-saving treatment to anyone.

      The men were mostly infected by prostitutes. Again, no sodomy involved. Gee, you seem sort of fixated on sodomy. Wonder why? Without excusing their behavior, most of the men are migrant workers who spend almost all year away from their families in order to feed them. They didn’t recognize the danger because moralistic prigs like you have blocked government funding for sex education. If women knew where babies come from, they might have abortions, don’t ya know?

      Dropping back yet another step, almost none of the prostitutes chose that lifestyle. They were forced into it because their societies provide few other means for a woman to feed herself and her children if their male provider dies, runs away, or simply abandons them. They can’t get married because they aren’t virgins, thanks to rape, civil war, or child marriage as often as not. Again, no fault of their own. Unless, of course, you would prefer them to die and reduce the African population.

  2. Too bad Timmy didn’t raise 220 million for cancer or childhood diabetes or any other widespread disease that people get through no fault of theirs in America.

  3. Businesses giving back to the community or a cause is good. However, notice Tim says Apple raised the money. Which means a substantial part of the $220 million didn’t actually come from Apple but her consumers; we raised most of the $220 million buying Apple products.

    Personally, I would be more impressed if Tim and the Apple employees gave out of their own hard earned money the $220 million. Tim could fund that himself.

    1. No, the $220mm did not come from Apple. As the article clearly says, it was raised by all the partners to Project (RED). Most of it was funded by consumers who bought clearly marked merchandise with their hard-earned money, not yours. If you think that AIDS comes from dirty toilet seats or sodomizing baboons, you need not contribute.

      1. Apparently you did not read carefully what I wrote. Read. Think. Then respond. Your first sentence affirms what I wrote.

        Additionally, I made no negative comment on the Project or AIDS, toilet seats, or baboons.

      1. The title of the article is not misleading. It says that Apple “raised” the money, not “donated” it. When was the last time that you participated in a fundraiser? Where do you think that money came from?

        Sometimes, applecynic, you sink way too deep seeking a justification to issue criticism. This is just such an instance.

          1. You lot, my product in this world, just aren’t the brightest at seeing the truth about Apple. Not let me, the seer. I need to improve you all so my product is better, right now you lot are a poor excuse for shelfware.

  4. On a seperate note I wonder what other charities benefit from Apple (or Apple co-ordinated) charity? It would be fascinating to see the ‘spectrum’ and value of Apple’s contributions. Not for cynical reasons. More so to see how big companies contribute. 🤔

    1. I had hoped to quickly find a list of Apple charitable contributions online. There has to be a list somewhere, but I can’t spend any more time looking for it.

      However, I did find this article on 9 to 5 Mac (https://9to5mac.com/2019/01/21/apple-employee-charitable/) which provides some high-level information. Enjoy///

      The company announced that Apple’s Giving program has raised more than $365 million for nonprofits around the world since it began eight years ago. It also shines light on some of its volunteering initiatives, including a coding class in Ireland run by volunteers from Apple’s Cork campus.

      Apple’s corporate giving policy doubles donations made by employees, and contributes funds for every hour volunteered as well. Apple said total donations exceeded $125 million in 2018 alone, with more than 250,000 hours volunteered.

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