Apple reportedly considering bundling AirPods with new iPhone models in 2020

AirPods Pro bring the magic of AirPods to an all-new lightweight, in-ear design.
AirPods Pro bring the magic of AirPods to an all-new lightweight, in-ear design.

DigiTimes is reporting that Apple is considering bundling AirPods with new iPhone models in 2020.

Joe Rossignol for MacRumors:

The report claims “smartphone vendors including Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi are looking to bundle their new models with TWS earbuds next year,” citing unnamed industry sources. “TWS” or “truly wireless stereo” earphones include the likes of AirPods… While this rumor seems questionable for now, it is certainly possible that Apple simply feels it is time to include something more modern than EarPods with its iPhones.

MacDailyNews Take: While including AirPods would certainly help to boost sales of new iPhones, especially to those hanging onto older phones, there really is no reason to do so since next year will be the first 5G iPhones. Apple could do nothing but plop in 5G modems into the current iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max and they’d still sell out. Of course, they’ll do much more than that with new processors, new 3D camera system, and more.

There is no reason to give away AirPods, which currently start at $15, with iPhones.

Maybe, just maybe, they’ll include AirPods with the highest end model(s). Perhaps the “Pro” iPhones with the highest storage capacities would merit a a pair of AirPods in the box, but we don’t see AirPods in every 2020 iPhone model’s box.


  1. It could be that Apple finally realized that the phone biz is reaching, or have reached, a plateau and is feeling the need to add more value (without having to add any more innovations which Apple and others are running out of, or, it’s most liely the case where the greed raised their ugly head again and the 1+1=3 strategy (under Cook) rather than 1+1=1, using his iPad calculator. It muddys the price of iPhone by throwing in something whose real cost is very low, thus attempting to justify raising the price of the iPhone. A classic strategy. Sorry, I am forever skeptical about anything Cook cooks. Expect sticker shock for 12. 5G modem cost is not too different from the current one, but it’s huge opportunity to raise price acceptance.

    1. Agree. I do not want to wear ear discharge looking Noodle earpod. Wired one is so much more secure, and useful, one of the mainly resons why I still use the SE more than the 8. If they at least add a skin coloured one, I might be interested in for certain situations. But there are wireless earpods much better and cheaper than Apple’s offering.
      Era of $2000 (minimum) iPhone is coming just around the corner.

  2. Well, with one person out of the chummy chummy community of misguided executives, it did not take Apple much longer before gadually returning to the sanity. Devices (phone, laptop etc) are a little thicker but with more battery juice and keyboard is also corrected. If Apple added a dual options of wired AND wireless earphones as well as the TID and FID together, the winner is born. Perhaps easier to justify the expected price jump.

  3. If Apple were to remove the lightning port and rely on wireless charging only then yes they would have to provide wireless headphones.
    However I cannot see that happening OR Apple bundling a highly successful and profitable product line like the AirPod.

    1. Companies like Apple do not have to “provide” or bundle anything with their products. They may provide optional accessories for purchase.

      If Apple were to bundle AirPods with the next iPhone, that would be nice. But frankly, bundling a product that, in itself, is beginning to generate a significant amount of revenue seems like a wasted opportunity from a business perspective.

  4. Unnecessary, and counterproductive. The wired EarPods cost essentially nothing (relative to cost of iPhone). Just include them in iPhone box. “Bundle” AirPods in a separate box at a discounted price, for customers who want them, and let them choose regular or Pro. Not every iPhone customer wants AirPods, and many will already have them.

    Also, AirPods do not record audio as well as wired EarPods. For example, in a karaoke app or GarageBand. It’s fine for phone calls and dictation, but sound quality and consistency suffer from being wireless, and there’s often a sync issue (slight but noticeable delay when perfect timing is important). The tiny microphone on wired EarPods does a remarkably good job of recording audio. They should be included with all iPhones.

      1. What are you saying? Makes no sense… EarPods (Apple’s wired headphones) are already include with new iPhone at no additional cost. They’re “free” with a new iPhone, whether you want them is not. And Apple should continue to include them in the iPhone box. (No need to go Android 🙃)

  5. Ironically, the AirPods Pro are the only earphones I’ve gotten from Apple that WON’T stay in my ears. On the plus side, I had occasion to use the Noise Cancellation feature at the laundromat and it worked pretty well. What I really want from Apple is a system-wide equalizer that would let me shift the sound toward the treble.

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