Jony Ive removed from Apple’s leadership page

Marc Newson (left) and Jony Ive
Marc Newson (left) and Jony Ive
Joe Rossignol for MacRumors:

Apple today removed Jony Ive from its leadership page on its website, suggesting that he has officially departed the company after nearly three decades…

In June, Apple announced that Ive would depart the company as an employee later this year to form an independent design company named LoveFrom with his designer friend Marc Newson. Apple said it will remain one of Ive’s primary clients.

MacDailyNews Take: Thank you, Jony, and good luck with LoveFrom!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I doubt if Apple would have wanted Ive to go to a competitor. This move allows Ive to work on different products besides Apple’s, and to work with his good friend.

    The fact that everyone considers that Apple will be his main “client” pretty well demonstrates that all Ive has done is to escape a ton of administrative work and bringing disattention to design only.

    1. No it does not necessarily allow Ive to work on other projects outside of Apple. You can bet Apple has a non-compete clause and NDA with LoveFrom, as it is one of their primary clients.

    2. It allows Ive to be involved with the design of exciting new things, without taking the heat directly. In the end, if the new MacBook Pro didn’t sell as well because people thought the design was bad, then despite Ive doubtless having worked on it, people will say… well, Ive didn’t have full control…

      On the other hand, on new products that Ive is asked to work on, he’s able to choose and add his voice to projects he wants to work on. Ive gets access to Apple’s reach and massive R&D, Apple gets access to Ive’s design sensitivities and reputation in design circles. Win. Win.

      Essentially, this is Ive going back to doing what he loves to do, instead of managing others who get to do the fun stuff.

  2. “Apple’s hardware and industrial design teams work so far out that, even if I’m right and Ive is now effectively out of Apple, we’ll still be seeing Ive-designed hardware 5 years from now. It is going to take a long time to evaluate his absence.” -John Gruber in June ’19

  3. Ive has done a ton of great projects for Apple over many years alongside many stupid design decisions, thin Número Uno, and countless others Apple followers are already aware of and no need to repeat.

    He is on a contract short leash, the best Apple could do without Job’s guiding light…

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