Intel CPU shortages may affect SSD adoption in PCs in 2020

Siu Han and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes:

Intel’s CPU shortages are expected to continue haunting the PC industry in the first quarter of 2020, and may even last into the second quarter, undermining demand for SSDs from the PC sector next year, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

With demand turning strong, PC shipments in the second half of 2019 are expected to improve from the first. The penetration rate of SSD in PC products has also risen to 55-60% in the second half, as consumer SSD prices have dropped to the sweet spot, the sources noted.

But the Intel CPU shortages could dampen PC shipment momentum, slowing down demand for SSDs, the sources said.

MacDailyNews Take: SSD adoption is certainly not Apple’s fault as the only Macs that don’t offer SSDs exclusively are lower end iMacs.


    1. DigiTimes has the worst track record of prognostications of any rag in the industry. I would not trust anything they say without verification from multiple other sources.

      Further, they never explain how a supposed shortage in Intel CPUs in 2020 H1 will have a negative effect on SSD sales. Even if Intel does run short on 2020 H1 there’s always
      1) AMD sales are picking up due to their very competitive new series of CPUs. AMD has won some impressive build contracts in recent months as their CPUs are once again very competitive with Intel (and in some cases exceed Intel).
      2) After market sales of SSDs for those that put new or additional SSDs into ther computers
      a. One of the best ways to speed up an older computer is to switch from a HDD to a SSD, and
      b. Installing additional storage today is most realistically SSD for anything below about 4 TB.

    2. LOL! Similar idea to negative income in corporate jargon or — quite troubling — negative interest rates on bonds imposed by acquisitive Capitalists.

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