VirnetX $503 million patent win against Apple vacated by U.S. appeals court


A U.S. appeals court on Friday set aside a jury’s calculation that Apple Inc should pay $503 million for infringing on patents owned by licensing firm VirnetX Holdings Corp, setting the stage for another potential trial in a decade-old legal battle…

The court sent the case back to a Texas judge for further proceedings.

The Texas judge must consider whether to hold a new damages-only trial or to recalculate damages without holding one, the appeals court said.

MacDailyNews Take: The saga continues.


    1. It’s wrong because apple is the devil and a failure. Tim cook is a moron who never does anything (except for give us airpods selling 60m units a year and apple watch selling 30m units a year, and the mac pro because apple doesn’t care about pros, and the imac pro, and the ipad pros). services is garbage never going to drive the company anywhere (although its a fortune 100 company) and most of all iphone sales are doomed and never going to recover (even though they outsell any other individual model of phone worldwide and its not close). ITS ALL OVER NOW

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