Russia bans sale of gadgets without Russian-made software

BBC News:

Russia has passed a law banning the sale of certain devices that are not pre-installed with Russian software.

The law will come into force in July 2020 and cover smartphones, computers and smart televisions.

The law will not mean devices from other countries cannot be sold with their normal software – but Russian “alternatives” will also have to be installed.

The Association of Trading Companies and Manufacturers of Electrical Household and Computer Equipment (RATEK) has said it will not be possible to install Russian-made software on some devices and that the international companies behind the gadgets may leave the Russian market as a result of the law.

Others have raised concerns that the Russian-made software could be used to spy on users.

MacDailyNews Take: The Great Firewall of Russia next on tap?


    1. Many of the older programmers are world class. They had to program back in the days of very little ram and not enough money to buy even that amount. So whoever could code and get their program the smallest and most efficient was promoted.

  1. “Others have raised concerns that the Russian-made software could be used to spy on users.”

    Gee, yah think? No goodnik Russkies up to no good? Perish the thought.

    1. Come on, Fesarius, most of the regular posters on this site know that Russia is a force for good in the world, thanks to the close working relationship between the two leaders of the Free World. The source of all the evil in the world is Ukraine. I am sure that the dark, dark forces within our intelligence services have been concealing the complicity of Ukrainians in the Kennedy assassination, the so-called school shootings, and so much more. Russia clearly has the moral right to rebuild its empire, if necessary by military force against the uncivilized mobs in Ukraine, the Baltics, Moldova, Poland, etc.

      Shooting down airliners isn’t a war crime, just as deliberately killing civilians deserves the highest honors from the United States Armed Forces. Anybody who thinks that the Uniform Code of Military Justice says otherwise is just a contemptable failure, like all the POW-MIA failures in Vietnam. Not only were they captured, they were too dumb to get a doctor’s note to excuse them from the war.

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