Apple CEO Tim Cook will keep fighting for privacy, ‘Dreamers’ ahead of 2020 elections

“With the 2020 presidential race less than a year away, Apple CEO Tim Cook says his focus is on policy over politics, and among those he is most focused on is the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program,” Layne Winn, Rebecca Jarvis, and Zunaira Zaki report for ABC News:

“No matter who is in the White House, the things I’m focused on are going to be the same,” Cook told ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis in an exclusive interview. “I am focused on DACA. We have 450 folks in Apple, employed at Apple, who are employed on DACA. I want those folks protected. Not just the 450 but the broader DACA people in America.”

While immigration reform is a top priority for Cook, he is also focusing on the environment, job creation and privacy. He stressed that Apple is a tech company not trying to make money off of user’s personal data.

“We don’t want to know all the details about your life. We’re not trying to vacuum up all your data and form it into a profile,” Cook said. “We want your information held on your device. It’s between you and your phone, not you and Apple. And so it’s a very different kind of approach than some companies take.”

“We view privacy as a fundamental human right. And from our point of view, I’m personally very worried that in a world where nothing is private, then freedom of expression just evaporates, and if freedom of expression evaporates, this is just – this is a classic part of what it means to be an American.”

MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve said many times regarding alien minors: “A permanent legislative solution would benefit everyone involved.”


  1. Everybody keeps saying that a legislative solution would be best (even Pres. Obama when he created DACA). Everybody keeps saying it because it is true.

    What is also true is that nobody has taken the initiative to reach a solution. At least twice in the current Administration, Congress thought that it had reached a compromise everyone could live with on the “dreamers” and other issues related to border security and unauthorized entrants. Both times, the President had signaled (in one case, on television) that he would sign anything that Congress could pass. Both times, the President pulled the rug out on his own party by linking the issue to drastic reductions in legal immigration that haven’t a prayer of passing Congress over the bipartisan opposition.

    1. You would know that’s BS if you took your head out of your ass.

      Demonrats voted down a bill to assist children of US Vets, then passed a bill to help ILLEGALs. Do you own research and stop relying on the Communist News Network

  2. Dreamers? I have a dream that I go to work and benefit myself and my family and that my incredibly high tax bill and health insurance bills don’t go illegal aliens.

    It’s just a dream because Demonrats support illegals more than citizens. TRUMP 2020

    1. I want to know why Trump didn’t put a stop to this nonsense when he was there? “Hey, Tim, want tariff exemptions? Chill out on this DACA crap.”

      I would expect a tweet once Fox reports on it 🙂

    2. It’s a bit of hyberbole to say the “D’s support illegals more that citizens,” but most, if not all of the D’s running for ’20, have said any undocumented/illegal should receive healthcare. I’d call that simply nutty.

      Let’s just broadcast to all in need, America’s the place to get your health needs met. Again, nutty and simply untenable.

  3. They are not dreamers. They entered the USA illegally. They are criminals. Repeal DACA and send them all back. Get in line and come in the proper way.

    Since when are we the sugar daddy of the world?

  4. Will MDN please start moderating these purely bombastic, purely political posts, especially the ones that are not based on facts?

    This is supposed to be a Mac first and Apple a close second web site. Purely hate filed, purely political posts have no place here.

    Talk about Apple and Macs or be gone.

    MDN do your job.

    1. “Will MDN please start moderating these purely bombastic, purely political posts, especially the ones that are not based on facts?”

      This is an obvious political story made possible by Cook proudly declaring himself a political activist with a cause. So yes, it is proper for MDN to entertain “purely political posts.” They are most entertaining and if you have not noticed, political stories on this site generate the most feedback, a good thing.

      Freedom of speech has always included freedom to lie and
      disinform. IMPOSSIBLE to police and censure posts the First Amendment protects any more than it is possible to monitor and censure the irresponsible LYING liberal media.

      Rather than act like a hurt snowflake, it is wiser to celebrate our special freedoms…

      1. There is no interpretation of the law under which someone who is brought involuntarily into the United States before the age of consent is a criminal trespasser. It is not a criminal violation to be in the United States without permission, only to intentionally enter the country without permission or intentionally overstay one’s permission. The Dreamer/DACA folks did not do that, so they are not criminals. It is up to Congress to adopt a criminal law on this if it wants to, and it hasn’t.

        That said, the Dreamers are subject to exclusion because they are noncitizens without express permission (apart from DACA) to be here. I will not point out the moral and economic arguments for not deporting American residents who can remember no life outside America and who are leading productive lives as students and workers in America. I will not raise the further moral argument that to send somebody who does not speak the local language or understand the local culture to a third-world country without any resources might amount to a death sentence. Clearly, those who would exclude the Dreamers lack any human empathy towards them. So let’s just stick to the law.

        There is a currently-valid executive order (upheld by most of the courts that have considered it) that sets priorities for exclusion actions, with violent felons at the top of the list and the Dreamers at the bottom. Rather than have them sit idle waiting for a deportation action that will never happen under that priority structure, the executive order allows them to work and employers to hire them. Apple has a perfect right to hire them when they are the most qualified applicant for a job, and the company has 450 Dreamers working for it in Austin alone. Losing them would represent a substantial blow to company operations and the CEO would not be doing his job if he were not defending them.

        As for those of you saying “they should get in line and come in the proper way,” I must point out that it isn’t that easy. My wife was a British subject with a long work history and substantial financial resources who entered on a valid visa to work on a doctorate at a major American research university, and who was married to a native-born American who had been working as a state prosecutor for ten years. There are hardly any more desirable immigrants, but even under the pre-9/11/2001 immigration system, it took over five years of detailed paperwork and repeated interviews for her to become a citizen.

        The system is much tougher today, and would be essentially impassible for someone who could not prove that they were exemplary citizens of their home country. The Dreamers can’t do that, of course, because they have never lived in their “home country” as an adult. In most cases, visa applications must be filed and processed by an American consulate in the applicant’s home country to start the clock ticking. Even under the best conditions, the average wait from some countries is measured in decades, rather than years.

        And that is under the system today. Mr. Trump is making it much more difficult for anyone to obtain lawful residence in this country, and wants to make it harder still. I have yet to meet anybody who has strong feelings about unlawful immigration who does not also want to sharply reduce legal immigration. It is fundamentally dishonest to tell the Dreamers to “come in the proper way” while simultaneously eliminating any proper way.

        1. “It is fundamentally dishonest to tell the” good citizens of MDN and LIE you are a conservative Republican living in a red state.

          Your ilk supporters are far left and post after post you do not recognize one remarkable positive accomplishment by the president. Add in daily snide mocking of the president, daily scolding of Republicans and conservatives in general and not ONE WORD that I have read of criticism directed at Democrats, realty is quite the opposite, ONLY loyal support.

          Certainly you have the freedom to continue this fake facade and lie to us DAILY with impunity about who you are and who you support politically. Patently obvious a “dishonest” practice that FOOLS NO ONE including your ilk that cheers you on. Please keep up making a fool of yourself. 🤣

          Self righteous voluminous tedious deflections coming in 3… 2… 1…

  5. Privacy as indeed a fundamental human right. Guess what? It is even enshrined in the US Constitution within the 4th Amendment but big gub’mnt does not want you to use it except in meaningless ways when it unconstitutionally imposed the US Patriot Act that Rightwinger NeoCon Bush signed with prurient glee

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