Why Apple TV+ is Cupertino’s biggest gamble yet

“Is Apple TV+ worth it?,” Anthony Karcz wonders for Forbes:

Right now, my answer is mixed. While I’m enjoying the first few episodes of the shows available on Apple’s newest subscription service, I’m very aware that there are only a few episodes. We watch television differently nowadays. Gone is the “sticking around to see if it improves” mentality of entertainment. Now we want to know if it’s worthwhile before we hit the Play button.

But in typical Apple fashion, they’re trying to spin their paucity of content as a boon instead of a bane. They argue that in a landscape that has hundreds if not thousands of shows ready for binging, there’s a place for high-quality, weekly-format content. That they don’t need a sitcom backlog just to keep viewers tuning in. That viewers need to rediscover their sense of discovery.

That gamble will be tested later this month when Disney+ launches with its own original weekly content and a prodigious backlog of shows and movies, all for a dollar less than Apple’s offering.

MacDailyNews Take: First of all, Disney+ costs $6.99 per month. That’s two dollars more than Apple TV+, not “a dollar less.”

Second of all, the full question is actually: Are a collection of TV series and films from some of the most talented artists working today worth less than Venti Latte at Starbucks? The answer is obviously YES!


  1. Totally agree. I’ve now watched a few great episodes, and Apple has proven they can make television as good as the best networks and streaming services.

    But now what?!

    They had better have built a great secret pipeline, or buy a huge catalogue ASAP. I hate waiting for the next For All Mankind, and I’m not waiting six months for a new series to start.

  2. I tried watching The Morning Show. It really wasn’t very good. A big budget and famous actors can’t save a bad script or silly ideas. I am having a tough time distinguishing Apple TV+ from any other generic streaming offering. What made Silicon Valley think they needed to jump into producing entertainment is anybody’s guess. I wish they’d put their energy and money into today’s equally mediocre tech instead.

  3. Apple will not let its worship of political correctness permit it to make great shows. So, The Morning Show is moldy feminist, “men are evil” crap. Oprah is Oprah. We will know they are serious when the do with PC what Steve Jobs did with “expert opinions” on what a computer should be. Dump them in the trash and focus on great stories unburdened by leftist PC nonsense. The jury is out on what Apple can make great artistic content. The early indications are not good. What executive would green light a series like The Wire that mocks Democrat urban mayors, mocks what journalism has become now, mocks the public education system. All with brilliant stories. I don’t think there is any way Tim Cook would permit The Wire. Or half the story lines of Frasier that ridicule fashionable but silly PC notions. Or The Sopranos, which puts Italian Americans in a bad light. And sometimes glamorizes mob violence. We will see.

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