Apple Watch reliably detects atrial fibrillations, Stanford University study finds

A study funded by Apple at Stanford determined that Apple’s A-Fib alerts turned out to be 84% accurate, possibly saving people from strokes or even death.

MacDailyNews Take: Not only does Apple Watch save time, it saves lives.


  1. It detected my AFib on the 7 of last month but the notification wasn’t persistent (a setting). Then I went a week later for an operation on my hand which they couldn’t do because of the AFib.

      1. This is my second episode. The last time was 5 years ago. The first time I left work feeling normal and by the end of the night, i was short of breath and couldn’t walk far. Woke up the next morning and couldn’t walk 10 feet. Somehow made it through Saturday and Sunday, was even worse. Any movement meant shortness of breath and the ability to walk more than 5 or six feet without literally bending over and having to rest to walk another 5 or 6 feet.
        So on Sunday, I called my daughter to take me to the emergency room and had to have a wheelchair to take me in. After about 12 hours in the emergency room being pumped with drugs to resolve it, and they didn’t, they put me to sheep and and shocked me back to regular rhythm.
        This time, my Apple watch series 3, gave me notice on the 7th but I didn’t seem to feel it. I had run out of Metropolol as the online pharmacy failed to send it on time. I had the surgery scheduled for the 8th and they called to change the time from 2:15 to 6:30. It wasn’t possible to reschedule a ride from my friend so we put it off for a week to the 15th. At this time, I felt relatively normal. A week goes bye and I was feeling the increasing effects but didn’t pay any notice to it as I could function. I didn’t think about AFib as the symptoms weren’t as severe as before.
        I go in on the 15th, walking to the registration, etc but when I got to the actual ‘checkup’ before surgery on my hand, they did and ekg and the anesthesiologist said no way an I going to put him under. So I had been walking around with it for a week.
        I go to my primary care doctor who prescribed Eliquis, a blood thinner. Still no ‘obvious symptoms. That was on Tuesday.
        I wake up Wednesday unable to go more that 4 feet without stopping for breath and extremely weak. I put up with that for 4 days with an appointment scheduled for a cardiologist in 10 days. On Saturday, I just couldn’t handle it (I couldn’t eat, sleep, my feet and knees were swollen and I didn’t have the energy to even rinse out the yogurt cup or applesauce I was eating and y sink was getting full) so I went to the emergency room.
        They confirmed the AFib and admitted me. Pumped me full of drugs which didn’t work. This was a small community hospital in the High Desert of California. It was so exhausting to even turn on my side to urinate in that container they use. I couldn’t talk as I would be breathless. I couldn’t move for the same reason.
        Saturday they then gave me lasix to drain the excess fluid from my legs and lungs but I was still out of breath and exhausted. Then the weirdest thing happened. Since the hospital didn’t have Advair which I use daily, the gave me a breathing treatment with a nebulizer.on Sunday morning Albuterol. I swear that it cured every outward symptom of the AFib. It was amazing. I could talk. I felt normal. It even cured the pain I alway felt when trying to sleep on my back. An hour before that, I had asked the nurse if was it ok to lay on my side in bed but had to give it up because I couldn’t breath. When I say couldn’t breathe is was 10 minutes to catch my breath kind of couldn’t breathe.
        Any way, I returned to lying on my back, did the breathing treatment and felt like a new man afterwards.
        Anyway, the second episode caused shortness of breath, extreme tiredness and loss of appetite after a week.
        My watch noticed on the 7th. My body noticed it on the 16th.

        Since I use Advair and the hospital didn’t supply it.

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