How to share an Apple TV+ subscription with your family

Charlie Sorrel for Cult of Mac:

Apple TV+ has turned out to be pretty good. Certainly, it’s a lot better than critics claimed. So, you may even want to share the shows with your family. And, thanks to Apple’s Family Sharing, this is not only possible, but easy.

You can all watch different shows at the same time, or you can just enjoy the lazy convenience of catching the latest episode of The Morning Show on whoever’s device is nearest…

Family members can use your Apple TV+ subscription as if it were their own. They can download episodes, add shows to their watchlists, and so on. And don’t forget to enable sharing for any other channels you might be subscribed to as well.

MacDailyNews Take: Simple directions in the full article. Use those subscriptions to their fullest!


  1. this would be great if their shows didn’t suck arse. I watched, ‘The Morning Show’, and I can’t distinguish it from any other poorly made drivel that may have come from Netflix. Money does not equal quality, folks, and thus far, Apple TV+ sees to me to be just more me too BS. Hollywood may very well be on its last legs, nothing on any streaming service is worth watching, and that is tragically ironic. Why silicon valley ver thought they needed to tread here is a mystery. The WWW is dead, Welcome to cable 2.0. And **** you if you think your valley corporations are anything but part of the problem. God bless bittorrent – it is the only honest way to share anything anymore.

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