iPhone 12 design rumors: The iPhone might get smaller in 2020

Lexy Savvides for CNET:

Apple could change up the design of the iPhone 12 in 2020 and surprise us with a new, yet familiar look. We rounded up all the rumors about the next iPhone’s design and features, including a four-camera array.

Let’s recap some of the basics about what we’re expecting from the rumors so far: 5G support, 120Hz refresh rates, a time-of-flight camera and a new design. Longtime Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also said that Apple may reduce the screen size of the 2020 version of the iPhone 11 Pro. Instead of the 5.8-inch screen it has now, it would be 5.4 inches.

MacDailyNews Take: A timeless design, but let’s face it, the biggest selling point next year is going to be 5G, not what it looks like.


  1. I heard they’re going to fix auto call-backs. Outer-pocket dials. My wife calls me, hangs up and it recalls me. She either double taps it or? Either way, it shouldn’t call back under any circumstances unless you intentionally want to and take extra steps. Stop changing form factor and just fix the damn software. And there’s still stupid things like now I can’t just send a pic from messages; I have to pick the pick. It pops up and I have to “select” the pic. Then I have to “x” the popup out; close pics popup. Then type message on it or just send. 2 or 3 xtra steps. Stupid.

      1. To elaborate:

        There’s a row of people icons along the top of the share dialog, one icon for each of your most frequent contacts.

        Each of those icons has visual indicator of how you typically share with that person (messages, email etc).

        When you tap one of those people your choosing both the person and the sharing method. Very convenient.

        In my experience that’s exactly what I want the great majority of times.

        If I want something different, the other options are there just like they always were.

    1. Totally agree sending pics in iMessages has gotten a lot more complicated and not as intuitive.

      I had to sit and focus wading through the icon aisles pushing everything to get it to work.

      Before Apple broke simplicity we were used to the comfortable camera icon in the lower left. Tap on it and two choices: Take a picture or go to Camera Roll. If you select Camera Roll, the last pic taken pops up first, 9 times out of 10 the pic I want to send, select, done!

      There is an old saying, “television turned Hollywood into a factory.” Apple with its unnecessary yearly updates to iOS breaks a lot of perfectly working features to pad the list of so called feature improvements.

      Sending pictures nowadays in iMessage is a prime example of moving away from simplicity perfection to extra steps for NO good reason…

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