Watch the first season of ‘The Morning Show’ to the end – I did and it’s better than you’ve heard

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon star in The Morning Show on Apple TV+, available on the Apple TV app in over 100 countries and regions since November 1st.
Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon star in The Morning Show on Apple TV+, available on the Apple TV app in over 100 countries and regions since November 1st.

Robert Lloyd for the Los Angeles Times:

Apple TV+ has launched upon the streaming seas of television, and out front of the flotilla is “The Morning Show,” about a network morning show, called “The Morning Show,” in the wake of a sexual misconduct scandal…

Up until a day before the Friday premiere, only the first three episodes, out of 10, were available to review; many reviews were written off them, and though it wasn’t hard to see that something interesting was happening, it wasn’t clear exactly what — especially as regarded Carell’s character… As the series goes on — I have watched it to the end now — Carell works to make Mitch human…

One aspect of the show that requires a little adjustment is that it has assembled a cast of actors skilled in comedy — not just the leads but support that includes Duplass, Ian Gomez, Nestor Carbonell and Fred Melamed and significant appearances by Martin Short, Mindy Kaling and Brett Butler — and given them no comedy to play. There are times the merest change in emphasis might turn a scene comic, but this appears to have been intentionally avoided; perhaps it was deemed disrespectful to the subject. And yet the show is not weighed down by solemnity; it’s fleet, propulsive…

As a mix of melodrama and well-written interactions that feel genuinely human, “The Morning Show” is fairly entrancing… The ending is almost operatic; not quite believable yet emotionally satisfying. It killed me, I must confess.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, when Apple TV+ shows are reviewed by those without an anti-Apple agenda, the reviews are excellent. Raves, in fact. Read the reviews closely and, in some, you can clearly see the anti-Apple sentiment colors their reviews.


  1. that whole “lone woman stands up to the male board of directors” thing is so tacky. The movie Soapdish literally makes fun of it, because it’s so hackneyed.

    1. What’s going on here is the writer they brought in to complete the show. She’s deep in Hollywood, and this is – evidently – all around them. Shocker!… For most of us, get over yourselves, right? But for these inside-the-beltway types, this is what they know, so this is what they write about.

      I’ll watch and see if it captures my attention or if it’s just a show I have no relation to, because in my place of work, this doesn’t go on in every cubicle. We go to work, and uh, we work and go home…

  2. I watched the first episode and really enjoyed it. Really got me thinking. I can’t stand Reese Witherspoon, though. Her acting is so contrived – you can see ALL the seams. But Aniston, Carrell, Duplass, etc. are excellent. A compelling, relevant topic and story treatment. Truth in my review: I am male, liberal, over 55 and an Apple Fanboy.

  3. Concerning the politics, I consider a television show called “The Good Fight” to be so leftist that picture tilts left on my screen when I watch it, but it is good television. Excellent television really, from the extraordinary main titles on up. Sometimes it can be highly annoying with the politics, but it’s worth holding my nose and getting through it.

    Perhaps The Morning Show is the same after to get into it. Rotten Tomatoes shows the critics can take it or leave it, but the audience seems to love it. It is almost a given now that whatever the critics say on Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t matter. The audience opinion is what counts.

    So you should give it a try, if for no other reason than its Apple’s first big show.

    The media is leftist. Always has been, always will be. You’re not going to see a story on television about Congress going insane, you’re going to see the dark evil all but satanic Republican eating babies that would have been saved had they been properly aborted, and the plucky heroic Democratic Congress women protecting us all from him, at great personal cost. All you can hope for is good acting. Or… read a book.

    Currently working my way through Daniel Silva’s, Gabriel Allon series of novels. I love Gabriel Allon. Israeli spy, assassin, and world class art restorer. It will make you forget the shit show that is American politics right now and harken back for the time more civilized times of the Cold War, though Allon is very much still active today.

    1. I disagree. And by the way I love your opinions on here thelonious, and agree with you quite often. But on this we disagree at least somewhat.

      I think it’s defeatist. I cannot watch these utterly garbage leftist shows. Your description of the the TV tilting left is hilarious. But there needs to be some semblance of honesty.

      For example, the latest season of Jack Ryan. They literally recast Venezuela’s government being run by the right, and it’s the plucky leftists trying to save it, when the reality is the lefty communists turned one of the richest countries into a hell hole that only Californian politicians dreams of.

      This degree of 1984 doublespeak is too much, and it’s actually damaging to the public. But if you look at some of the latest movies that are “too woke” they bomb at the box office. So you don’t have to take it. Take your eyeballs elsewhere. It’s part of the market that can correct at least the most heinous of the tilts.

      And for the record, Reese is so heinous a sanctimonious … character that i had to stop watching about 20 minutes in. The show is just too lefty for my tastes.

      Just my $0.02. YMMV

    2. The Wire was actually a very conservative show written by a liberal journalist. The Office was very politically incorrect, unafraid to mock PC garbage. Same with Frasier. Clint Eastwood movies have always been non-political but willing to hold a mirror up to liberal goofiness, like Harry Callahan’s description of the rapist he shot and the question of whether there was “probable cause”.

      Great TV is never politically correct. Most liberals can;’t write good TV because they infuse the dialog with inane political comments and are totally predictable about inserting evil businessmen, crusading prosecutors, idiotic LGBTQ pronouns as in Billions, and the farcical conversion in Jack Ryan (Amazon) of Venezuela’s socialist tyranny into a right wing dictatorship battled by a female social justice warrior leftist. Pure garbage.

    1. if i was a member of antifa i’d set your post on fire and throw it through one of the macdailynews windows. then, i’d harass and intimidate as many freedom-loving people as i could find. cuz, that’s what antifa does, they do violence, they destroy. fortunately, i’m a very poised and rational girl so, i would never do such a thing. 🙂

      1. If you were a fire throwing, harassing and intimidating member of ANTIFA, Apple and all its marketing and TV people would love you and your violence and your hate. It’s all part of being a good tolerant holier than everyone else Democrat.

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