Official trailer for Apple Original Film ‘The Banker’ released

The Apple Original Film TheBanker comes to theaters on December 6th.

Apple TV’s YouTube Channel:

Based on a true story, “The Banker” centers on revolutionary businessmen Bernard Garrett (Anthony Mackie) and Joe Morris (Samuel L. Jackson), who devise an audacious and risky plan to take on the racially oppressive establishment of the 1960s by helping other African Americans pursue the American dream. Along with Garrett’s wife Eunice (Nia Long), they train a working class white man, Matt Steiner (Nicholas Hoult), to pose as the rich and privileged face of their burgeoning real estate and banking empire – while Garrett and Morris pose as a janitor and a chauffeur. Their success ultimately draws the attention of the federal government, which threatens everything the four have built.

“The Banker” is written by Niceole Levy, George Nolfi, David Lewis Smith and Stan Younger from a story by David Lewis Smith, Stan Younger and Brad Caleb Kane.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s The Banker will open in theaters on December 6th before debuting on Apple TV+ the following month.

“We’ve got a feeling that we’ll be hearing a lot more about The Banker come awards season!” — MacDailyNews, July 18, 2019


  1. Samuel L. Jackson…… thanks. After hearing so many of his political and racist rants no more of him fits into my life plan. Sure, he’s a good actor but overlooking the rest is just too much. Same goes for quite a few other Hollyweird types who have soured the movie experience when they’re in it.

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