Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro expected to ship in fourth quarter

Apple's widely-expected 16-inch MacBook Pro is depicted in macOS Catalina 10.15.1 betas (image: MacGeneration)
Apple’s widely-expected 16-inch MacBook Pro is depicted in macOS Catalina 10.15.1 betas (image: MacGeneration)

Jim Hsiao for DigiTimes:

Worldwide notebook shipments are forecast to drop 1.8% sequentially in the fourth quarter of 2019 after registering a nearly 2% increase in the prior quarter, according to Digitimes Research.

Apple’s new 16-inch ultra-thin-bezel MacBook Pro is expected to begin volume shipments in the fourth quarter… Because of Apple’s new MacBook Pro, Quanta Computer, the key supplier of the machine, is expected to see rising share of Taiwan’s shipments in the fourth quarter

MacDailyNews Take: Alongside Apple’s Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, hopefully!


  1. MDN: “Alongside Apple’s Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, hopefully!”

    There better not be any “hopefully” to it.

    If the upcoming Mac Pro does not ship (at least in limited quantities) on or before 22 December 2019 Apple will lose almost all credibility (not that it has a huge amount at the moment) with the very high end professional market. Apple said at WWDC2019 that it would ship “this fall”. The very last day of “fall” is 22 December.

    Plus, Apple better not have the production problems they had with the trashcan. That started shipping in very limited quantities in December 2013, but it did not reach full production until March 2014. For some models it took until May 2014 to fill orders that should have been filled back in December 2013.

    With regard to the rumored 16″ MacBook Pro. I’ll probably get one with a week or so after it starts shipping. (I’m old school. I wait to see what immediate bug reports come out before I act.)

  2. Apple using up old hardware from the warehouse?

    2012 MacBook Pro 15″

    More important: usability. A decade ago, Apple built in what everyone needed. People still need many of those ports:

    Dedicated MiniDisplayPort video out
    MagSafe power port
    Gigabit Ethernet port
    Multiple USB ports
    Multiple Thunderbolt ports
    Analog audio line in & line out
    SDXC card slot

    Maybe Apple could offer ports built in again on Pro models? Nobody likes adapters. A Pro can handle carrying a device that is a few millimeters thicker than Jony wanted.

    1. There are people who need some ports but I think it is HIGHLY unlikely Apple is going to retreat to support old tech, that is NOT their style. Multiple Thunderbolt ports yes, MAYBE an Analog headphone jack, but Gigabit Ethernet and MiniDisplayPort NEVER again. If you need ports see your friends over in Dongletown…

      1. Bad move on Apple’s part. This is the esthetic that Apple offers in its “Pro” laptops now:

        Is it wrong to expect a “Pro” machine to include ports that almost every high-end user needs regularly??? Why should one need to always carry a pile of adapters to plug into fast, secure ethernet or to plug into the video ports in conference room monitors at client locations??? Seriously. Who does Apple think they are serving?

        Ports are not obsolete. Apple made a 1-port consumer grade MacBook for road warriors and it was discontinued due to lack of interest. Turns out even the most weight- and fashion-conscious lightweight users need legacy ports too!

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