TechRadar reviews Apple’s all-new AirPods Pro: Strong sound quality and high-end features

AirPods Pro bring the magic of AirPods to an all-new lightweight, in-ear design.
AirPods Pro bring the magic of AirPods to an all-new lightweight, in-ear design.

“The new Apple AirPods Pro true wireless earbuds have landed (known as the AirPods 3 to some), bringing active noise cancellation, a (finally) much better fit, and an improved design, in a bid to lure more iPhone users into the true wireless fold,” Gareth Beavis writes for TechRadar:

While the price is higher, you are getting earbuds that have been redesigned from top to bottom, and with far more useful features in the mix – so how do these new noise-cancelling headphones fare in real-world use in our early test?

This writer’s ears are just terrible when it comes to having most kinds of earbuds fall out, and we achieved a good fit straight away, with the AirPods Pro feeling like they were in no danger of detaching from the ol’ head holes easily; in headphones-reviewing world, we call that a plus… the improvement in the fit of the AirPods Pro over the original AirPods is huge. The silicon buds lock them in place snugly, and the earbuds are so light that they don’t bounce around, even if you’re jogging down the road or charging up a flight of stairs at the train station.

The AirPods Pro do offer great sound quality in our early tests. There’s a noticeable richness to the bass and clarity in the vocal sections when just listening to streamed music… Part of that sound quality is down to the noise cancellation, which is noticeable and strong when turned on… Transparency is the other end of the noise-canceling scale from Apple, with the microphones inside the AirPods Pro able to pass external sound through ably. It’s well-implemented feature, with the world fading slowly in and out when Transparency is turned on, rather than a sudden dump of sound landing in your cranium.

In our limited time with the new Apple AirPods Pro, we feel like we’ve quickly assimilated them into our daily routine… The active noise cancellation and Transparency modes were strong, while the audio quality is much higher than that of the original AirPods (as you’d expect for the extra cost), and the overall design feels miles ahead.

MacDailyNews Take: AirPods Pro sound like a big step up from AirPods. Active noice cancellation is a huge addition! We hope Apple has made enough of them because they’re going to sell like crazy this holiday season and beyond!


  1. I remember Techradar on What a total piece of reheated news, crooked methods. This guy was good at ranking to put his ads first. I have no respect for this article stealer- ads collector geek.

    1. The writer notes “finally” when noting the new Airpods now come with a better fit. To all the bed-wetters that have cried when I, admittedly a minority with the opinion, have stated w/o besmirching our favorite company, the fit is limiting to a broad population and, except for price, Apple creates with consumer inclusion…made & works for all. For over a decade Apple hasn’t made an headphone that fits broadly, or surely hasn’t cared that some people have fallen off the truck with this product.
      As well, Apple has stuck to the previous fall-out design, despite the fact the other well-known companies, incorporate other means for their products to stay in place.

      Fresh in my mind was “Me in LA”‘s post on Monday about the bricking Homepods. The posting gets down voted by the fanboy bed-wetters…as if closing their ears so the negative report, or as a scream of “how-dare-you,” bring offense to my dear Apple. The pouting was effectively squelched today and the post justified as it’s confirmed–APPLE , YES, your fragile, frail, yet perfect, APPLE; released a software piece that created the havoc. Un-suck the pacifiers preventing straight/mature thinking and defend your thoughts instead of doing what a child does when their pants need changing. As well, Apple doesn’t need coddling…yours, or anyone else’s.

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