Apple warns HomePod users of potentially fatal iOS 13.2 flaw

Michael Simon for Macworld:

When Apple released the iOS 13.2 update to HomePod alongside the new AirPods Pro Monday, people likely rushed to install it. However, just hours after its release, Apple pulled the update and is now warning that HomePods running it are in danger of becoming pretty paperweights.

In an updated support document, Apple is urging that anyone using a HomePod with the newest iOS 13.2 update does not reset their device or attempt to remove it from the Home app. That means if you have the update on your HomePod and things aren’t working as they should, you shouldn’t try to troubleshoot until a new update rolls out.

MacDailyNews Take: Again: If your HomePod is running iOS 13.2 DO NOT RESET IT. Wait for Apple to release a software fix.


  1. And when I put up a warning of POTENTIALLY bricking HomePods yesterday, it got downvoted left and right. WTF is wrong with people here? I tried to help by posting and got slammed…aholes.

    1. I don’t see the point of the voting widget on MDN. (Is it for tracking/ad revenue?) Its just ripe for trolls and passive aggressive to downvote any/everything. It doesn’t contribute to ANYTHING meaningful.

      I have 5 HomePods that show “Update Available”. I really hope the update hasn’t downloaded to them already and there is a way to replace it before it installs and reboots.

      Sloppy Apple! I’m sure they’ll replace bricked devices free of charge though.

    2. a) Completely agree with you.
      b) Back when MS deservedly got flack for buggy stuff, they still had to support the universe of hardware. Apple makes three things, integrates the crap out of them. Censors and curates, ans still messes up. The technical difficulty I can forgive, policy I cannot. so…

      Upgrade, let it break, and make them fix it!

  2. I see where the Home app says update available, but has not been installed, hoping it stays that way and decides not to try and install itself until Apple sorts this is out. I am sure Apple tested this and some said it installed.. Just wish that there was a easy way to restore these devices, so that your not running to Apple to replace it because of their issue.

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