Apple’s new 13.2 update bricks some HomePods

Apple today released new 13.2 software for the HomePod with long-awaited features like multi-user support, Handoff and more, but some users are running into issues with the update.

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

According to multiple people on the MacRumors forums and Reddit, the 13.2 update “bricked” their HomePods, rendering them unusable. Users who are seeing problems are experiencing a “white swirl” on both of their HomePods, or an endless reset loop.

Some people had issues immediately after installing the new software, while others have had problems after resetting their devices following the update. Some users have also reported that the problem happened installing the 13.2 software before updating to iOS 13.2.

Some people with affected HomePods have already contacted Apple Support and have been able to arrange replacement devices.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, if you have not updated your HomePod(s) yet, do not update until we hear more from Apple.


    1. You are kidding right? This is No way major. Your execs can relax in their ivory towers. HomePod is not sold in most of EU and I guess in the rest of the world too. If it was Amazon or Google speaker, it would be major, because those companies actually are willing to sell to everybody and are not discrimnating based on location.

  1. Not my problem as Apple decided to sell HomePod only in a few countries in EU. So me and i guess most of Europeans are not affected in any way by this as there are really no possibility to buy a HomePod. Well thought Apple! 😀

    1. Whoever is calling Apple a global company is really not aware what he/she is talking about and is living in near Cupertino or smth.
      And sadly this is coming from an Apple investor and fanboy.

      1. You may wonder why so much rage from my side? i tell you why. When the HomePod was announced, I was watching the live stream and I was excited and would have bought it in a heartbeat. But as the years passed and it became evident that apple has no interest to sell it, I lost interest too. Now when its near the end of its life and in a light of this news, the whole situation hilarious to me. Keep your bricking homepod for yourself Tim. As i see you want to show steady growth to shareholders and the only way to do it is to launch products in a handful of countries and when sales there plateau you add some more countries over the years. On a investor excel sheet it may look fine to some, but for me it is a pretty weak-stupid strategy.

  2. I keep saying this over and over again: Do NOT upgrade until there is third release of an OS whether it’s any operating system. I originally got burned with OS8 and I refuse to trust Apple until there is .3 in the release. Now yet again I expect to get flamed but at least I don’t get burnt like many “early adopters”.

    The bottom line is this; do you trust Apple to release an acceptable operating system in it’s early release stage? As far as I’m concerned the answer is no. Just don’t download what is effectively a beta release and you’ll be fine.

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