Apple focuses on privacy advantage in new ‘Privacy on iPhone’ TV commercial

Apple is focusing on the company’s privacy advantage in a new ad which debuted on U.S. broadcast, cable, and over-the-top television this weekend.

Apple’s YouTube channel:

We believe your privacy should never be something you have to question. It should be simple, straightforward, and understood.

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Song: “An Ending, A Beginning” by Dustin O’Halloran

The spot’s voiceover reads:

Right now, there is more private information on your phone than in your home.

Think about that.

So many details about your life, right in your pocket. This makes privacy more important now than ever.

Your location. Your messages. Your heart rate after a run. These are private things. Personal things.

And they should belong to you. Simple as that.

Along with a simple website URL (, the ad closes with the text, “Privacy. That’s iPhone.”

MacDailyNews Take: Of course, privacy varies by location, but in countries where citizens have privacy rights, Apple values privacy infinitely more than the Google’s of the world and, by extension, every Android peddler littering (literally) the earth.

Apple needs to focus on privacy more now than ever, to help the hoi polloi wake up and stop ceding their information to data mining ad trackers like Google, Facebook, etc.

This past March, Apple also created an ran an ad focused on privacy that you may recall:

Which one do you think works better for reaching the average consumer?

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