Behind AT&T’s plan to take on Apple TV+, Disney+, and Netflix with HBO Max

Helen Coster and Kenneth Li for Reuters:

HBO Max, which will be HBO plus movies, original shows, and TV classics such “Friends,” will be available starting this spring to 10 million AT&T customers who are also HBO subscribers in the United States at no extra charge, according to AT&T Chief Operating Officer John Stankey, who disclosed the figures for the first time in an interview with Reuters.

These are a portion of the customers that currently pay for an AT&T-owned product such as DirecTV or AT&T wireless phone service.

[For the rest of us], HBO Max is likely to cost slightly more than the $14.99 the company charges for HBO — significantly more than competing services from Apple Inc ($4.99) and Disney ($6.99), and slightly higher than the standard $12.99 Netflix plan… Stankey also hinted at the possibility of bundling HBO Max with AT&T wireless subscriptions. T-Mobile gives away Netflix to some customers, and Verizon is providing a free year of Disney+ to some customers.

On Tuesday Stankey… and others will reveal their plans to investors, on the same stage where Warner Brothers shot actress Judy Garland’s comeback film A Star is Born.

MacDailyNews Take: At more than double the cost of Apple TV+ and Disney+ combined, HBO Max had better offer a very compelling lineup of exclusive content.


  1. Here we go again with MDN’s take. HBO are charging an optional higher price tag for optional premium catalog access…and MDN scream like some dumbass cheapass Android settler. If you can’t afford HBO max MDN then typically speaking (and according to your own mantra) you are less educated than me and considerably poorer, and the max service was never aimed at your shallow pockets.

    So which is it? Next time an Android OEM knock-out an affordable device or service that costs less than Apple’s equivalent…what will you say to that you fucking cheapskates??! Sick of this.

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