Unwired Planet seeks $8 billion from Apple over standard-essential patents

Florian Mueller for FOSS Patents:

Yesterday it became known that Apple is an intervenor (as is Qualcomm with its diametrically opposed views) in the UK Supreme Court appeal of Unwired Planet v. Huawei (consolidated with Conversant v. ZTE)…

Unwired Planet… [is a] non-practicing entity is a patent privateer: it received patents from Ericsson in a transaction I once denounced as a “pseudo-sale” and is basically just serving as a licensing agency that uses the threat of, or actually brings, litigation in order to extract supra-FRAND royalties for Ericsson.

The new information is now that what Unwired Planet demands from Apple amounts to $8 billion.

MacDailyNews Take: Fair, Reasonable, And Non-Discriminatory.


  1. So, Ericsson doesn’t want to sue directly because Apple will assert patents against them, and it’ll be a patent standoff, but by using a pseudo-3rd-party NPE, they can sue Apple and Apple can’t sue back. Somehow, this loophole has to be closed.

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