Apple releases official ‘Immortality’ trailer for Apple TV+ ‘Dickinson’ series

Dickinson is a half-hour comedy series starring Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld. Created by Alena Smith, Dickinson explores the constraints of society, gender, and family from the perspective of rebellious young poet Emily Dickinson.

Created, written and executive produced by Alena Smith and executive produced by Hailee Steinfeld, Dickinson stars Hailee Steinfeld, Jane Krakowski, Toby Huss, Anna Baryshnikov, Ella Hunt, and Adrian Blake Enscoe. Wiz Khalifa guest stars.

MacDailyNews Take: Even though we don’t believe that we’re in audience for this one, it is an interesting concept. Hopefully the producers, writers, and talent can pull it off!

The song in the trailer is “Grrrl Like” by Dope Saint Jude.


    1. I doubt that anybody associated with Apple TV+ gives a damn whether old white men watch this show. It is plainly aimed at youngish folks with higher education and high income expectations… the sort of folks who buy Apple devices. That population will embrace the attitudes towards feminism and sexual behavior that are implicit in this program. That is also the population that advertisers love, so Apple’s ratings in “the demographic” will be substantial. If the show fails, it will be because it does not attract its target audience. Old white guys are not in that audience… and I speak as a 70-year-old white man.

      1. The poet Emily Dickinson created me, and people like me. — not alone, not alienated, but isolated in her sensibilities from her contemporaries, obsessed as they were with social mores and commerce. Her jottings contained more meat, and meaning, than every utterance of any politician or priest of her time. Because of her, I look at everyone and everything through a kind of Lens of Truth.

  1. It’s not for most of the readership here, but one of the few shows that would get me to give TV+ a try.

    As it is, I have more stuff queued up on the services I have then I could watch in a year if they didn’t bring out anything else.

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