Why we need Apple’s HomeKit-enabled routers

Jonny Evans for Computerworld:

The truth is many smart home device users (and those running connected devices in smart offices, enterprises, manufacturing and beyond) may not yet have taken stock of their security.

This is a particular problem when it comes to older smart devices, many of which are still in use even though a large number of them shipped with weak or non-replaceable factory default passcodes.

Apple’s promised HomeKit-enabled routers may improve protection.

One of the many iCloud enhancements Apple is attempting to bring to market in 2019, the idea is that these protect your accessories with a firewall at router level… Apple is also introducing a HomeKit Secure Video service, which adds layers of protection around CCTV video.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, these begin arriving sooner than later as we still have some AirPort routers in use that beg for replacement!


  1. For many of us, Apple already slammed that door shut and WELDED it shut. We’ve made good-sized investments in wireless technologies from other vendors, because Apple got out of that business.

    If Apple wants to get back into my networks, or those of my customers, they better be ready with a device that is way ahead of the rest of the world, and is AT WORST price-competitive; it would be better if it were less expensive than everyone else.

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