Ming-Chi Kuo: ‘iPhone SE 2’ coming in early 2020

Apple's iPhone 8 physical specs
Apple’s iPhone 8 physical specs

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects Apple’s all-new “iPhone SE 2” to ship within months, in first quarter of 2020.

Mike Wuerthele for AppleInsider:

Kuo spoke on the “iPhone SE 2” specs recently. He previously wrote that a new “iPhone SE 2” will incorporate the A13 processor, and 3GB of RAM. Users looking for a small device may be disappointed, as he believes the “form factor design and hardware spec are similar to iPhone 8.”

MacDailyNews Take: There are, of course, significant size differences between iPhone SE and iPhone 8:

iPhone SE physical specs:
• Weight: 3.99 ounces (113 grams)
• Dimensions: 4.87 inches (123.8 mm) x 2.31 inches (58.6 mm) x 0.30 inch (7.6 mm)
• Display: 4.0-inch (diagonal)

iPhone 8 physical specs:
• Weight: 5.22 ounces (148 grams)
• Dimensions: 5.45 inches (138.4 mm) x 2.65 inches (67.3 mm) x 0.29 inch (7.3 mm)
• Display: 4.7-inches (diagonal)


  1. I don’t understand how Apple went from the 4″ size, where Steve Jobs claimed it was a ‘perfect size’; to completely abandoning the smaller footprint. I use a SE, and have waited for Apple to make a 4″. Prior to them blowing it off, I purchased a new phone every other cycle. I have not done that because of the size. I thought I was alone in that thought; but I was shocked at how many people felt the same way that I did. I hear from many people that they prefer a smaller footprint phone. I think Apple is doing a disservice by blowing that size off. And this size in the graphic doesn’t give much hope that they actually understand WHY people want a SMALLER phone. If these specs are correct, this unit will not sell well. Not everyone lives on their phone. I don’t want to carry around a huge phone everywhere I go. The current sizes offered are all too big. I like something small that easily fits in one pocket. These new models do not.

    1. It was the perfect size for what it was being used for. Today our iPhones are mini-iPads and mini-Macs. We’re sending email all day long, reading news articles, using the screen size for photos, directions, games, etc. 4″ is not perfect for any of that. This isn’t about thumb range, it’s about display. The use-cases have matured and so have the specs.

    2. What I am going to say here is not to judge who is correct and who is not. It’s just a different group of people. People who prefer SE, based on my preference, use a smaller size phone “as a tool”, the one which helps manage our everyday life a bit easier, such as communicaion tool (phone, yes phone, text and email etc), PIM (calender, contact list and that sort of things), occasional online search and gps guide etc. Perhaps a little bit of game such as Tetris that comes default for occasional killing time in boring airport waiting room etc. It has to be small, light (this is important. Current SE is very light) and can be tossed around pockets, purse or bags. Large phone was started by Android camp (Samsung Note several years ago, I think) and when I first saw it, it looked ridiculous and I thought it was their solution to a short battery life (at the time) than anything else. But it attracted a lot of people (particularly younger generations) who can’t stop playing game, watch enlarged photos and movies (!) on a handheld mobile device. Now an unwieldy monster size became a norm or even a preferred size. But if you go back to the real basics of “mobile phone”, today’s phablet is really a poormans’ (womens’) solution to having a portability and content consumption all in one package. It might become even larger in the future. The real solution to satisfy those conflicting requirements is buy a smaller phone as a tool “and” a smaller tablet for mobile content consumption. But it is also an expensive solution and ipmose its own issues. I know that. But you cannot have two and eat them together. Yes, carrying around iPad Mini is also a pain but how frequently do you consume contents on the road? If I have to choose one, I have no hesitation to choose a smaller device, even though I am sometimes tempted by a larger phone but solely for my aging eyes lately. Truly palm sized phone is a joy to use.
      Regarding often-talked “cheaper” price for an SE sized phone as a reason for the popularity but I believe it’s a myth. Of course there are so many people who deseprately want any chaeper iPhone for an affordability reason, but I just feel more poeple go for a smaller size even at a premium.
      Talking about the price and a “tool” nature of the SE concept, don’t forget a huge corporate market for it for a communication tool and some. I remember one fair size company purchased a bulk of SE as a company issued phone. It’s cheaper, an excellent communication tool, small and light, no game playing or moving watchin and so foorth. Sort of like Blackberry of yesteryears in a modern incarnation.
      I personally look forward to a smaller factor phone with the latest guts (no OLED, no Face ID).

      1. I have a bad habit of fast typing forum posts, no proofreading but send it out anyway. No excuse. But hope this site has an ability to edit post-transmission here and there. But of course the solution is proofreading before sending. I am making myself looking like a fool. Sorry guys. Will be careful….next time….

      2. KenT,
        You mentioned your aging eyes (and I have the same problem—thus I carry around the enormous Max phone) and you also acknowledged that you made numerous typos and were seemingly embarrassed by them. I, too, loved the SE form factor but at 72 years of age my eyes as well as my fumbling fingers require the bigger screen. It seems you might need to use a belt holster (which I bought at Home Depot for around $18) to enable your “heavy lifting” of the larger phones so you can both see well and type accurately. I’ve played Word Warp ever since the iPhone 3GS and just can’t hit the right letters unless I’m using the big phone. 😢

    3. “If you watch the 2007 Apple keynote when the iPhone debuted, the first thing Jobs says when he unveils the device is that “It fits beautifully in the palm of your hand.” Its size was perfectly suited for what Jobs believed was the original iPhone’s crowning achievement, making phone calls”

      More here:

      “Since the first iPhone, the handset’s screen size has changed ever-so-slowly. Apple kept its devices at 3.5 inches until the iPhone 5, which boasted a 4-inch screen.”

      — CNET

      That would be iPhone 5 in 2012. For FOUR inaugural years the 3.5-inch model was the perfect size until enlarged slightly to the 4-inch screen.

      This is Apple’s iPhone legacy! The small iPhone devices that changed the world and made Apple rich and a household name the world over.

      Regardless of the Apple fanboys bragging about BIG is better, that is sole personal discretion of the user and ALL users deserve RESPECT!

      Because the small form factor 3.5-inch iPhone is the MOTHER of all iPhones and headed for the Smithsonian one day, if not there already, difficult to believe Apple keeps toying with the decision is it on or off this year.

      My wish for Apple to maintain the legacy small form factor phone, always, and update with the latest tech at a reasonable price. SE2 is a ridiculous makes no sense name and consider alternatives like iPhone Classic 2020, Legacy 2020, S2020 or anything that makes more sense.

      Small form factor FOREVER!!!…

  2. Apple will no longer conflate less expensive and small size. The smaller phone will be the 5.4 inch display Apple 12 Pro, which will be smaller in physical size than the SE2. The SE2 will be larger, and much cheaper. Everyone will be happy.

  3. Included this quote from “Father of the iPod” yesterday. Including again today for the obvious applicability….

    “But even more importantly – continually introducing new products at lower price points while adding new features at the high end. That was the way iPod locked up the market with consumers.

    Apple is missing the boat….missing the calls/cries of customers.

  4. Thank You 9-5 Mac for the OP/ED! about FAKE (Ming-Chi Kuo) iPHONE SE (2) Predictions. I’m so sick & tired of “Ming-Chi Kuo” predicting this hoax for over a year now on various Mac News Sites.. or at least, it seems that long that I’ve been scrolling past these Fake News Reports! One would think MDN and others would stop letting these get posted and offer more How-To’s and Tips from all the Great Mac Geniuses in America. Some do… and some don’t.

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