Where Apple Music’s headed in 2020: More radio, more live content

Here’s what next for Apple Music, according to Oliver Schusser and Zane Lowe.

Sophie Charara for Wired:

Beats 1 went on air in 2015 and is accessible round the clock through iTunes and Apple Music. What Lowe has done with the platform is to essentially give musicians their own “clubs”, in the form of freeform radio shows. Four years in, the station has graduated to a full-on scene, first under the stewardship of producer and Beats Electronics co-founder Jimmy Iovine, and now under Oliver Schusser, the current head of Apple Music.

Apple doesn’t break out Beats 1 monthly listening figures; various commentators have speculated they are relatively low, the official line is “tens of millions”. What we do know is that one of Lowe’s priorities is to merge the two elements of Apple’s £9.99 a month Music offering: its Spotify-style streaming service and the Beats 1 radio shows.

“I want more people to listen and discover this stuff,” says Lowe. “And I want to integrate what we do at Beats 1 into Apple Music more thoroughly. I would guess there are still subscribers who don’t realise Elton John has done over 200 shows. Those shows are works of art in their own right.”

MacDailyNews Take: Beats 1 is one of the best things about Apple Music, even if Apple Music subscribers themselves sometimes forget it’s even there. Unique programming like the aforementioned Elton John’s Rocket Hour simply are not available anywhere else. Apple could and should do a much better job getting the word out about Apple Music’s Beats 1.


    1. Same. I’ve got a yuuuge library, both digital downloads and ripped cd’s, and all I want is to be able to sort tracks how I want them, and to play them by playlists I’ve defined.
      Between that and Lightroom likely being obsoleted as a stand-alone version under Catalina, for the 1st time ever, I think I’m off the upgrade train.

      1. If you want to sort tracks on how you want them, try looking at Roon. Its what iTunes should have been 5-6 years ago.

        I find Roon to be the best thing that’s has ever happened to my Music listening pleasure….all controlled at my listening position with my iPad.

  1. Adding in the ability for people to access TuneIn on Apple Music was a smart move. It does allay the fears of few people worried about the loss of the Internet Radio pane.

    Does anyone know if the TuneIn stations are available to everyone? Or just those with Apple Music memberships?

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