Can Apple avoid U.S. import tariffs again?

Annie Gaud for TheStreet:

Apple will soon face another big test in the Trump administration’s continuing trade war. With sales of its latest device lineup in full swing, the tech giant is on a collision course with a Dec. 15 tariff deadline that would impose levies on Apple’s meal ticket: iPhones.

The December tariffs would slap a 15% levy on iPhones, tablets, laptops and range of consumer tech products made in China — and if enacted, they could mean higher costs for iPhone buyers, if indirectly. U.S. and Chinese officials are scheduled to hold trade talks in Washington DC this week.

“Tariffs are unlikely to increase iPhone price tags, but they could still impact the discounts consumers see at the point of sale,” said Vincent Thielke, analyst at research firm Canalys. Apple is unlikely to raise iPhone prices because of tariffs — it’s expected to largely absorb costs — but U.S. operators may scale back discounts and promotions that normally help to move units.

It’s also possible that Apple will manage to stave off the December tariffs, at least temporarily… Another postponement would buy Apple more time to adjust its production regime out of China — an effort that will take years — and could also allow the White House to introduce a version of tariffs that don’t appear to disproportionately punish a leading U.S. firm.

MacDailyNews Take: So far, Apple has been able to escape tariffs largely unscathed. Maybe the company will get another reprieve?


  1. MDN cheering a hopey changey economy based on whatever lobbyists are given exemptions by the most corrupt administration in modern history? Real business owners have had it with this dumbass prez.

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