Apple’s rumored 16-inch MacBook pro may ship with 96W USB-C power adapter

Joe Rossignol for MacRumors:

Apple may be readying a 96W USB-C power adapter for the widely rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro, according to information received by Chongdiantou, the Chinese-language sibling website of ChargerLAB.

Chongdiantou received a blurry photo of the alleged power adapter’s label from an unidentified source via Chinese messaging app WeChat… While the blurry photo is rather sketchy, Apple previously confirmed that its upcoming Pro Display XDR will be capable of up to 96W pass-through charging, which is more power than necessary for any portable device that Apple currently ships. Thus, perhaps the higher-power charger is for the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Chongdiantou has an established track record in this area, having shared accurate photos of Apple’s existing 18W USB-C power adapter in July 2018, nearly four months before it was included with 2018 iPad Pro models.

MacDailyNews Take: Bring on the all-new 16-inch MacBook Pro with scissor keyboard, Apple!

We’re currently stuck waiting to see the specs/pricing of the 16-inch MacBook Pro and if it affects prices within Apple’s portable Mac lineup as we have an iMac whose time has finally come. We plan to replace our iMac/MacBook Air desktop/road setups with MacBook Pro units that just slide into our backpacks and also power dual displays on the desktop. Hopefully, Apple does have an October event and it comes as early as possble!


  1. I wonder if it will be using GaN as the semiconductor. I have a 60+ watt unit from RavPower that is a third of the size of the corresponding Apple power supply for my MBP.
    Also wish that Apple would move to USB-C for all Apple mobile products. It would be great to have few cables about at home and when traveling, especially if a power supply with multiple ports comes out that can charge for Mac, phone / iPad and watch at the same time.

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