Apple’s flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max tops Consumer Reports’ smartphone ratings

Bree Fowler, Consumer Reports:

While Apple didn’t introduce huge design changes in the iPhone 11 Pro Max and 11 Pro (which start at $1,100 and $1,000, respectively), it did make some key improvements that helped lift the phones into the top two spots.

So what’s changed this time around?

For one thing, the battery life is much better. The iPhone 11 Pro Max lasted a more than impressive 40.5 hours in our testing. That’s the longest stretch of any phone currently listed in our ratings.

Apple has consistently set high standards for smartphone cameras, and those on the new iPhones have outperformed their predecessors. The company has also added a camera with an ultrawide lens to all three of its new phones… If you like the new iPhones but can’t stomach paying a grand or more, you might be happy with the $700 iPhone 11. It also did exceptionally well in our testing, landing in our top 10. The model is missing just a few features found on its pricier siblings.

MacDailyNews Take: Regardless, Consumer Reports remains a joke due to inconsistent, often nonsensical testing, conclusions, and poorly-weighted ratings system that’s not well-suited to complex technology. They should stick to their main task of rating vacuum cleaners for geriatrics (even though they usually fail at that, too).

Regardless of this positive report (which is likely just a set up for some anti-Apple hit-whoring to come), don’t rely on Consumer Reports for tech advice. Or vehicle advice. Or advice on anything at all. It’s an anachronistic garbage publication with idiotic arbitrary testing methodology (or lack thereof). BTW, if you want a vacuum cleaner that will last decades and still work perfectly, get a Miele.MacDailyNews, October 3, 2018

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  1. Love my new 11 Pro MAX and the camera is awesome! I have to have a new one each year, so I am delighted to experience the speed. Unfortunately, the changes in iOS always flunks up the workflow, because it’s retarded and sticks and won’t scroll in messages until you kill app and yuk. But, the phone itself is the best ever! They’ll get the bugs worked out in a few weeks or months, so I’m still happy with the whole system and have been since 2007.

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  2. I wasn’t going to buy this year but now I am. The cameras (and larger size) have truly made all the difference as is the realization that 5G is years away from being properly implemented. So waiting & buying a 5G iPhone next year is not going to be as much a prime consideration to put off buying this year.

  3. Like Bill Gates Shouted in a Famous Clip during an Employee Meeting at Microsoft: “You Never Understood the First Thing About This!” I Repeat that now since Consumer Reports has never Understood the 1st thing about Computer Tech., among other categories.. It isn’t just the Camera or Battery Life that makes iPhones Great, Now or Past Models… It’s the Great User Experience brought to Life in iOS & Mac OS, that makes these mobile devices, laptops & desktops from Apple Insanely Great. Steve Jobs had an often used Moniker for people who were inept or incompetent, “BOZOS.“ Yes Consumer Reports, You Are ALL BOZOS!

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