Apple releases Catalina 10.15 GM to developers

Michael Potuck for 9to5Mac:

Just a few days after releasing the 10th beta of macOS Catalina, Apple has released the macOS Catalina Golden Master. That’s just ahead of the expected public release tomorrow, October 4th.

macOS Catalina will be compatible with the following Macs:

• 12-inch MacBook
• MacBook Air, 2012 and later
• MacBook Pro, 2012 and later
• Mac mini, 2012 and later
• iMac, 2012 and later
• iMac Pro
• Mac Pro, 2013 and later

MacDailyNews Take: Imminent!


  1. Previous Articles about Catalina, Arcade, and that Apple Denmark sighting, had many believing CATALINA would be released to the Public Friday. October 4th. Well BOZOS, it didn’t and I noticed how cleverly you’ve all Skirted around the fact that CATALINA DIDN’T Drop Today as you all had previously reported it would. (9-5, MacRumors, MacDailyNews, OSX Daily)

  2. I agree. Come out on the 5th and be like ‘sooo it didn’t drop but heres the GM release… don’t be alarmed… we anxiously await…” – and all that and as a result, the community will respect you more.

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