Stunning concept imagines new iPhone inspired by one of Apple’s best designs

Luke Dormehl for Cult of Mac:

According to a report by seasoned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s 2020 iPhone redesign will resemble an updated iPhone 4. But what would such a handset look like? A stunning concept by Aziz Ghaus and Ben Geskin gives us an idea.

MacDailyNews Take:


  1. I voted “I love it!” BUT Apple needs to make a version that is the size of the original iPhone 4/4S. That casing size would fit the 4-inch iPhone 5/5S/SE (and current iPod touch) display edge-to-edge. Make it same thickness as original (little thicker than current iPhones) to provide enough internal volume for the latest components, a decent sized battery, and camera(s) without “bulge” 😁

  2. Haha, I’m using my iPhone 4 as a backup since my current iPhone is broken. Can’t do anything on it other than making calls because it’s too slow, but the design really still is top notch. Better than iPhone SE.

  3. my favorite iPhone design was the iPhone 4s. Of all the iPhones that was it easiest for me to hold without worrying about dropping it because of the square edge. In addition, I liked the looks of it the best.

    I’ve never had a case for any of my iPhones and I’ve never dropped one. I just think overall the designs are really good of all the iPhones. I understand completely that a younger person or someone who has an “outside job” wanting to protect their expensive phone. For me, placing it in my left front pocket screen facing my leg with nothing else in that pocket has been effective.

  4. The ionic iPhone 4 edging has always been a favorite of mine.

    As for he FaceID-less/notch-less bezel, Apple “may” be able to pull something close to this off… Apple has had since iPhone X, XS, 11, to work with their vendors to create very rectangle-esque components to fit along the top bezel…

    Apple and their partners have about 6 months to finalize their designs for preparing for production tooling and mass production of said components…

    I’m guessing they do not get to this extreme design (unless Apple is willing to really sacrifice the selfie camera, shrinking it like crazy, and hope their software team and adjust for massively low-light let in via such a small aperture, but I digress.

    Overall, I can see Apple reducing “the notch” a little more than a 3rd, which is a significant leap forward for sure.

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