How the human heart became the center the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 5 can now complete calls to emergency services when traveling internationally.
Apple Watch Series 5 can now complete calls to emergency services when traveling internationally.

David Phelan for The Independent:

I’m meeting Jeff Williams, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, along with Kevin Lynch, Vice President of Technology and Sumbul Desai, the company’s Vice President of Health… I meet the Apple executives, appropriately enough, at the Wellness Centre in the company’s Cupertino headquarters, Apple Park, and ask exactly where the focus for health and fitness came from, especially for the Apple Watch.

Jeff Williams explains, “It was very organic. Most people think we had this major health initiative, well, we had some notions in the beginning but no idea where it would lead. And honestly, it’s a situation where we started pulling on threads and the more we pulled, the more we realised there’s such a huge opportunity for us to impact people with the information that’s on their wrist.”

The first Apple Watch had a heart rate monitor built in, not because the company wanted heart health to be the primary focus but simply because it would give much more accurate step counting than rival fitness monitors which worked it out from the user’s height, for instance. But then, things changed.

“The first letter that we got about it saving somebody’s life with just the heart rate monitor, we were surprised, because anybody can go watch the clock and get their heart rate. But then we started getting more and more and we realised we had a huge chance and maybe even an obligation to do more. That led us down the path to do everything including medically regulated apps…”

MacDailyNews Take: There’s much more in the ful article – highly recommended – here.

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  1. I bought Series 3 specifically to get into the Apple-Stanford Heart Study since my Day One Series 0 was not allowed admission. Now going from Series 3 to 5 so I can have Fall Detection calling Emergency Services watching over me.

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