Apple hires AstraZeneca CIO David Smoley in VP role

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg News:

Apple Inc. has hired David Smoley, chief information officer of pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca Plc, for a vice president role…

At Apple, he will work in a similar information technology role and won’t be focused on Apple’s growing health-care efforts. He is reporting to Mary Demby, Apple’s chief information officer. Apple confirmed the move on Friday.

Apple has about 100 vice presidents who help Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and his executive team run one of the world’s most profitable companies.

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats, David Smoley!


    1. Sadly my experience is that Apple’s iHole is increasingly full of aHoles. It’s just another self-serving corporation now, and the people there want to throw their weight around. Meanwhile in the real world, Apple’s ~40 different products are losing their impact, not really changing the world for the better or serving users significantly better than brand X. They aren’t designed to excite the user, they are now designed to extract user cash while pinching pennies under the glossy surface. MacBook keyboards are proof of that. Longstanding software bugs another. Inability to maintain product lines yet another. Isn’t there a VP or three in charge of quality?

      Timmy would rather Apple become a conglomerate with banking, movie production, architecture, and other divisions. Just like GE, directionless. Every product an increasingly miniscule iteration over what some other company pioneered. All tethered to a network monitoring users at all times, always collecting a monthly tithe. Hard to believe that some people think unelected bureaucrats in for-profit corporations make things more efficient while whining about the very people that they vote to represent them to do the hard stuff like national defense, infrastructure, and other “socialism” for which we all need to contribute because we all use it. SJW Cook likes to talk about empowering people. How about making more affordable products that just work again?

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