Titanium Apple Watch Edition Series 5 is worth the extra cost

Apple Watch Series 5 comes in a new case material made of titanium.
Apple Watch Series 5 comes in a new case material made of titanium.

Is the Apple Watch Edition Series 5 new titanium case worth its premium cost?

Andrew O’Hara for AppleInsider:

For everything new this year, much of Apple Watch Series 5 looks familiar. It has the same physical size and screen as the Series 4, the same red circle around the Digital Crown if you have the cellular model. The aluminum and stainless steel come in the same finishes as they did. Even the new ceramic is really a re-launch of the case Apple discontinued in 2018.

Enter: Titanium.

Titanium is a fantastic material for watches as it is very strong, durable, and lightweight. It also looks particularly sharp and unique in Apple’s implementation… That is a gap of around $400 between the aluminium and the titanium models, which might be a bit hard to justify. However, if you were considering the stainless steel, you should spring for the titanium. It is the best of both worlds when compared against both the aluminum and the steel.

MacDailyNews Take: Barring Liquidmetal, Titanium is the ideal case material for an Apple Watch – and for a physical credit card.


      1. Titanium weighs more than aluminium, FYI.

        Al watches are the lightest Apple offers, about 5 grams less than Ti and about 10g less than ceramic or stainless.

        Personal choice in the end. I’m good sticking with just an iPhone, thanks. I lost my last watch years ago while whitewater kayaking. Wrist gadgets are a bad idea for people like me.

  1. What took Apple so long, other than potential planned obsolescence? …I’ve been asking for a titanium iPhone for years. …Oh, and they missed the mark on the titanium card, which needed to be feather light, and mirror, or satin polished raw titanium. …I guess Apple’s design team was out to lunch on this one.

    1. In this case, you can’t just say Apple is stupid or neglectful for not having titanium devices. Titanium is not easy to machine and wears out cutting blades rather quickly. Cutting speed is limited due to poor heat dissipation while machining such a hard material. Steel and aluminum is a breeze to cut when compared with titanium. You need costlier tools and more production lead time, so unless you really want to pay a lot more for iPhones, I don’t think it’s going to be worthwhile to have titanium devices. Hey, Apple is not the aerospace industry or running a Formula One team. iPhones are mainly for normal consumers who shouldn’t have any need for titanium-case smartphones.

      So unless you’re actually working with metals, you can’t just snap your fingers and say, “Let’s use this material for everything because I think it’s a cool idea.” Apple’s products are costly enough as is. Let’s not give them any more non-cost effective ideas.

  2. What about Liquid Metal? It can be molded instead of primarily machining and hopefully less expensive than other options. Good finish based on looking at the little key for opening the chip tray on iPhones.

    1. Does Apple still have a lock on certain consumer usages of Liquidmetal? You used to read about them re-upping their contract with Liquidmetal, but haven’t heard anything in awhile.

  3. Use of Titanium in wrist watch makes sense when properly implemented. It is almost entirely for weight saving. I wear an all Titanium (case and metal band, not internals, idont think) wtach and the weight difference is so profound that I can’t wear any other watches, SS included. So, unless the weight saving is significant, I do not see the worth of making Apple Watch made of Titanium even thought it’s used only for a case. Also, those smart watches are essentially disposable (few years of update cycle etc), I do no see any reason to make anything out of Titanium. But you never know… It’s Apple with “high end taste” to keep the price high for more profit, lol

  4. So do the SS, Titanium, and Ceramic watches still use a Sapphire crystal? I had Sapphire on my original AW; it was great. Settle for Aluminum for S4AW and the crystal is all scratched up within a year. No mention of crystal type in any press release I’ve seen.

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