Apple Watch helps save Washington cyclist’s life

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes for ZDNet:

The Apple Watch 4 and later contains a sensor that is continually looking out for the wearer suffering a hard fall that could render them unconscious and summon emergency help. This is exactly what happened to Gabe Burdett’s father.

Burdett’s father had flipped his bike on the way to meeting his son, hit his head and was knocked out by the fall. Not only did his Apple Watch send Burdett a text message with his father’s location, it also made contact with the emergency services, who arrived on the scene in under half an hour.

Burdett is advising everyone who owns an Apple Watch to make sure the Hard Fall detection is turned on (note it has to be Series 4 or later).

MacDailyNews Take: Another one saved!

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  1. I recently found out this feature works with Cellular WATCH Series 4 & 5 even WITHOUT a cellular plan but NOT with a GPS only WATCH through the nearby iPhone. So that’s why you MUST buy a Cellular version even though you don’t plan to buy a monthly Cellular plan.

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