What time will Apple release iOS 13 on Thursday?

iOS 13, Apple’s latest and greatest operating system (and, after using the betas, it truly is a great OS) for your iPhone arrives on Thursday, September 19th.

David Murphy for Lifehacker:

While Apple hasn’t published an official launch time for iOS 13, odds are good that the company will follow the same convention as previous updates. That means the update should go live right around 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET).

MacDailyNews Take: Good luck, everyone! Apple Watch users can also look for watchOS 6 (Series 3 or newer) on Thursday, too. Apple’s iPadOS 13 and tvOS 13 are due to be released on September 30th.


    1. You are thinking of Microsoft. Apple has only had four problems with system updates over the last 13 years. Most people weren’t affected.

      The first was back when FileVault only encrypted a user’s home folder, there was an update that deleted it.

      The second problem happened with the first update after SIP: the install software didn’t turn SIP off for duration of the installation. The remedy for that was easy. Just turn SIP off from the Terminal in the recovery partition, install the update, then turn SIP back on.

      The third, which I don’t recall being linked to an update, was that when the system “moved” a file to another volume, it progressively deleted the source file. Losing the connection meant losing the data. Steve Jobs was mortified. Apple quickly changed that so that the system copied the source file in its entirety before deleting it.

      Over the same period of time, Microsoft probably had three updates that went right the first time.

    2. Since 2006, Apple has only had three problems associated with OS updates. 1) Back when FileVault was restricted to a user’s home folder, the update deleted encrypted home folders. 2) The installer didn’t turn SIP off for the duration of the update. The user could turn SIP on and off manually. 3) When copying a file to an external volume, the system progressively deleted the source file. They quickly changed that to a copy-then-delete setup.

      During those same 13 years, I don’t recall Microsoft having three updates that went right the first time.

  1. Why should this matter? You should wait until the second or third build anyway. Apple has plenty of people waiting at the gate willing to let them know what they need to fix and are suffering until then.

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