Hands-on with the Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 comes in a new case material made of titanium.
Apple Watch Series 5 comes in a new case material made of titanium.

Going hands-on with the new Apple Watch Series 5 at Apple Park.

TechCrunch’s Brian Heater:

The listed battery life is the same as the last model, but that time now factors in the always-on display. That’s probably the useful day to day addition for the new device. Even when you’re not actively engaging with it, the screen stays on… Among other things, Apple appears to be laying the ground work for battery improvements and, hopefully… sleep tracking.

The inclusion of the compass is nice. It’s easy to see how developers can leverage it, going forward. The best demo I got was Night Sky. The familiar star gazing app is neat when you can move the watch around to get a full spherical look at the constellations.

MacDailyNews Take: Titanium, please! Now, Titanium or Space Black Titanium?


    1. I don’t think it would matter if Apple did. Supposedly, iPhone cameras are said to have sapphire (glass) protection but they still scratch at level 6 and 7 mohs scale. That sapphire (glass) been tested and is definitely sapphire (jewel) but Apple must be using some modified sapphire that’s not as hard as other sapphire (glass) that scratches at level 9. I guess all sapphire protection is not created equal. I believe Apple’s earlier sapphire (glass) AppleWatch had the same type of (soft) sapphire.

  1. My wife’s series 0 stainless steel watch has zero scratches on the display and she wears it daily in a rough (for a watch) environment. The sapphire display has held up very well and is one reason her new Series 5 will be ss or titanium.

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