Apple hits $1 trillion market cap again after iPhone launch

The price of Apple shares is up over 2% during intraday trading on Wednesday, giving Apple a market capitalization of over $1 trillion.

Kif Leswing for CNBC:

Apple’s share price was up more than 2% during intraday trading on Wednesday, trading at one point at $222.34.

If the milestone holds, it won’t be the first time that Apple has had a market cap over $1 trillion. It first hit the mark in August 2018.

Apple isn’t the only $1 trillion technology company. Microsoft has a larger market cap than Apple at $1.04 trillion, during trading on Wednesday.

MacDailyNews Take: Currently, Apple’s market value stands at $1.004 trillion. Despite recent gains, Apple remains as least as undervalued as Microsoft is overvalued.


  1. Wall Street certainly doesn’t consider MSFT overvalued. It’s become a cloud business and as far as Wall Street is concerned, all companies with cloud businesses have unlimited growth potential. Most of Microsoft’s analyst target prices are higher than what the stock currently is.

    Wall Street considers Apple overvalued mainly because of Apple’s waning iPhone business and especially now with China tariffs looming over its head. I have never heard the term “law of large numbers” being applied to Microsoft as it was with Apple and I’ve checked many times. Apple surpassing $1T was said to have been a fluke but not so with Microsoft. When Apple quickly lost $450B in value after reaching $1T, big investors were certain it was a fluke and headed for Microsoft where they believed their money would be much safer and maybe they’re right.

    Microsoft’s institutional investor percentage is 75% which is incredible. Apple’s institutional investor percentage is about 60%. Big investors have said to themselves, “We can’t go wrong with choosing Microsoft.”

    What is somewhat amazing is Apple has about three billion fewer outstanding shares than Microsoft so Apple doesn’t have to pay out nearly as much cash as Microsoft in the way of dividends each quarter. How Apple’s market cap is near $1T with that many fewer shares than Microsoft is just short of incredible. I’ll be holding my Apple shares for a long time to come.

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