MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s ‘For Innovation Only’ special event

Apple CEO Tim Cook and a team of Apple executives will host the company’s Apple’s ‘For Innovation Only’ special event today at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT.

The event will be held in the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California.

You can watch the event live right here:

Open the video page in one browser tab or window and this page in another to comment on the proceedings in real-time.

MacDailyNews will offer live notes during Apple’s event on this page. We’ll see you here just before 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT!

Live notes from Apple’s ‘For Innovation Only’ special event in reverse chronological order:

• AAPL: $213.34, -0.83 (-0.39%) @ 2:42PM EDT
• End of event
• Cook thanks everyone who can to event and who tuned in
• Cook thanks everyone at Apple
• Cook recaps all of today’s announcements

• Apple Fifth Avenue reopens on September 20th – largest Apple Store in the world
• iPhone trade-ins reduce new iPhone prices with monthly payments available
• Apple Watch Studio – customers choose bands and cases to create their own Apple Watch look
• Deidre O’Brien takes stage to talk Apple Retail

• Preorder this Friday at 5am PDT and shipping on September 20th
• 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at $1099
• 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro starts at $999
• All new Night Mode looks like a strong competitor to Google’s Night Shot (which, from what we’ve seen so far, looks rather fake in comparison)
• iPhone 11 Pro is durable, dust, and water resistant
• iPhone 11 Pro video being shown
• With FiLMiC Pro, you can record multiple videos at the same time (multi-cam)
• Did somebody say “iPhone 11 will be all about the camera?”
• FiLMiC demo for iPhone 11 Pro
• AAPL: $214.50, +0.33 (+0.15%) @ 2:26 EDT
• iPhone 11 Pro video example shown
• Sneak peek of future software update coming this fall: Deep Fusion
• Professional photographer’s example photographs taken with iPhone 11 Pro shown
• Telephoto camera, wide camera, ultra-wide camera
• 4X optical zoom range
• New triple-camera system
• iPhone 11 Pro 6.5-inch offers up to 5 hours more battery life per day
• iPhone 11 Pro 5.8-inch offers up to 4 hours more battery life per day
• Great performance plus great battery life
• All cores up to 20% faster
• 4 efficiency cores
• 8.5 billion transistors
• New 7nm chip – most advanced in the industry
• A13 is a new low-power design
• The best machine learning platform in any smartphone
• New generation of Machine Learning Controller
• New machine learning accelerators in CPU – capable of over one trillion operations per second
• A13 Bionic machine learning: CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine
• Same type of experience as in the new Pro Display XDR in a smartphone
• New Super Retina display: Super Retina XDR display
• 5.8-inch and 6.5-inches
• Midnight Green, Space Gray, Silver, and a new Gold
• New matte textured finish
• Video shown was all about the cameras (as we predicted)
• iPhone 11 Pro
• Cook retakes stage: “But, we didn’t stop there”

• iPhone 11 starts at just $699
• 2 meter water resistance for up to 30 minutes
• iPhone 11 video being shown
• Faster Face ID, Wi-Fi 6, and more
• iPhone 11 battery: 1 hour more than iPhone 11R
• Android phones still can’t even compete with Apple’s old A12 Bionic
• TipsWorks founder Yang Yang conducts game demo “Pascal’s Wager” to show off the A13 Bionic
• A13 Bionic is the fastest GPU ever in a smartphone
• A13 Bionic is the fastest CPU ever in a smartphone
• iPhone 11 offers the A13 Bionic
• Slo-mo Selfies! (ad shown)
• 12MP TrueDepth front camera with 4K video capture and slo-mo
• Highest quality video ever on a smartphone
• QuickTake video: While taking stills, just tap and hold the shutter button to shoot video
• Video of 4K video shot on iPhone 11
• Apple’s new “Night Mode” comes on automatically
• New “High Key Mono” Portrait Mode
• AAPL: $214.36, +0.19 (+0.09%) @ 1:53PM EDT
• Next-gen smart HDR
• 12MP Ultra wide camera
• 12MP Wide camera
• New dual-camera system
• Dolby Atmos support
• 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD
• 6 new colors
• New tough glass
• Anodized aluminum
• iPhone 11
• Newest iPhone video
• iPhone has 99% customer satisfaction
• iPhone

• Apple Watch Series 5 video – all of the things Watch can do!
• Series 3 will stay available for just $199 (hello, mainstream!)
• Order later today, available in stores September 20th
• GPS start at $399, $499 for cellular
• New Apple Watch Hermès models
• New white ceramic model
• New titanium models in two tones
• Stainless steel remains available
• Series 5 offers 100% recycled aluminnum
• Every cellular model has international SOS emergency calling
• Third-party developers can take advantage of the new compass, too
• New feature: Built-in compass
• All-day 18 hour battery life
• Wrist raise or tap brings everything up to full brightness
• Innovative new LTPO display that is always on
• Apple Watch Series 5
• Next-gen Apple Watch video
• Stan Eng takes stage to talk Apple Watch
• New Apple research app will be available in the U.S. later this year
• AAPL: $215.20, +1.03 (+0.48%) @ 1:35PM EDT
• 3 new research studies:
– Apple Hearing Study
– Apple Women’s Health Study
– Apple Heart & Movement Study
• Health research: Apple Watch can make a big difference
• omg, that baby!
• Apple Watch users featured in video
• Moving right along… “Let’s talk Apple Watch!”
• Cook retakes stage

• Starts at $329 ($299 for education) – order today, starts shipping at end of month
• Made from 100% recycled aluminum
• Support for Apple Pencil and full-size keyboard
• New desktop-class Safari for iPad is a big deal
• Demo of iPadOS features
• iPadOS expands what you can do with this iPad
• Smart Connector
• A10 Fusion chip – up to 2X faster than the top selling PC laptop
• Nearly 3.5 million pixels
• New, larger 10.2-inch Retina display
• The new 7th generation iPad
• Greg Joswiak takes stage to talk iPad
• AAPL: $214.26, +0.10 (+0.04%) @ 1:21PM EDT
• iPadOS recognizes the distinctive experience of iPad
• iPad…

• Apple TV+ is another MASSIVE winner!
• When you buy an iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, iPad, you get one year of Apple TV+ included for FREE
• “This is crazy!” – Tim Cook
• Apple TV+ is only $4.99 per month for your whole family
• Apple TV+ available on November 1st on over 100 countries. More added every month
• Applause for the “See” trailer
• It’s a war to protect the sighted babies!
• New trailer for “See” – takes place hundreds of years into the future in a world where almost all humans have lost the ability to see
• The 3 Apple TV+ trailers released so far have been viewed over 100 million times
• Cook retakes stage to talk Apple TV+

• Massive success ahead for Apple Arcade!
• Apple Arcade costs just $4.99/month for the whole family (one month free trial)
• Apple Arcade available on September 19th in over 150 countries with over 100 new games
• These games – all ad-free – all look interesting; we’re excited for Applel Arcade to launch!
• Annapurna Interactive game demo
• Capcom game demo
Frogger in Toytown game demo looks very engaging and fun! You can even dress up your Frog.
• Apple Arcade game demos: Konami up first
• App Store gets Arcade tab, so it’s front and center in Apple highly popular App Store
• Apple Arcade (this is an Apple service that has been vastly underrated so far. I will be bigger than most people can imagine)

• “We have a huge morning planned for you with some truly big announcements”
• Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage

• Apple event begins with video of morphing Apple glyphs, products, etc.

• AAPL: $214.47, +0.30 (+0.14%) @ 12:56PM EDT
• AAPL: $214.31, +0.14 (+0.07%) @ 12:49PM EDT
• AAPL: $214.02, -0.15 (-0.07%) @ 12:31PM EDT


          1. Emoji/Jackoff: Condescension is the refuge of the cowardly. You are more than welcome to debate me, but you would have to use grown up words. You have merely revealed that you have nothing to contribute here. Bye.

            Jack was right. It was a lame presentation, with no pizazz and no must-have tech for anyone but early adopter fanboys. The rumored MacBook Pro didn’t appear. Apple sticking 3 year old processors in its “new” iPads? Hmmmm. No wonder it’s so cheap, it’s using up old inventory. Every piece of hardware revealed was a modest evolution at best.

            For example, for the critical iPhone product line, Apple stiffed the SE fans and instead rehashed the already overpriced and mostly unloved X models with more colors, more expensive cameras, and a moderately faster processor (when it’s not throttled down in battery saving mode, which is how Apple typically ekes out more time without an increase in battery size). 11 = basically a second year of “S” iPhones in all but name.

            Then there is the scary green Triclops model available for Halloween. You know Apple is desperate when they stick a Pro moniker on another iOS device.

  1. Worse apple event so far.
    The only think I liked was when they presented Phill again, long time no see him.
    Still, I will keep buying iPhones, like they said, they are still way ahead of the competition.

  2. Yes, the capabilitiies of the new iPhone 11 camera are stunning. However, for over $1000 I think I’ll keep my 6s Plus for another year.

    Might take a close look at the new iPad and Watch…..

    Disappointed no mention of the Mac Pro or the release date of the new Mac OS.

    For the first time ever an Apple presentation totally underwhelms me.

  3. Sounds like a snore fest to me. I remember when I would eagerly wait for these events. I already have an iPhone X and 4 iPads. I don’t know what Apple could do to induce me buy a new phone. I am happy with the one I have. Maybe 7 day battery life, holographic display, Touch ID and Face ID, maybe a reliable folding display. I like the idea of being able to carry an iPad in my pocket.

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