Which is the best iPhone camera app for shooting at night?

Ben Lovejoy for 9to5Mac:

A quick play this week with NeuralCam suggested it might be in with a shot of being the best iPhone camera app for night shots — but I needed to put that to the test.

I did a comparison with five other camera apps — including the stock one — to see how each fared with two different types of night shot.

All photos were taken within the space of just a few minutes, so all were in the same light. In each case, I took two photos in succession to make sure there were no anomalies between them (there weren’t).

All photos were taken with no manual adjustment of settings…

MacDailyNews Take: NeuralCam, wow! Check out the full article to see all of the comparison shots. Nothing really comes close to the $2.99 NeuralCam.

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