What does Apple’s colorful September event invite reveal?

Yesterday, Apple “officially set its iPhone 11 event for September 10 at Steve Jobs Theater. As is always the case, people are already speculating as to what the colorful invite itself might mean for the announcements,” Chance Miller writes for 9to5Mac:

The September 10 event invite features the tagline, “By innovation only,” and encourages members of the press to join Apple at Steve Jobs Theater. Above the tagline is a colorful Apple logo, featuring colors different than the classic rainbow Apple logo.

Apple By Innovation Only event

The most obvious speculation to draw from the invite is that the colors of the Apple logo could represent the different color options for the iPhone XR successor.

MacDailyNews Take: Lime, blueberry, lemon, cherry, and grape jello will be served promptly at 10am PDT /1pm EDT.

Beloved interns: This marks the start of the Labor Day Weekend, so commence your most sacred duty – Tap That Keg!

Cheers, everyone!


    1. I remember telling Steve which colours he should use for the iMacs and I told him to never use these kinds of colors. He agreed that was a great idea but Jony and Tim didn’t like me much, so they have finally gotten their revenge years later.

          1. Hey, wrapped WAY too tight USER, just kick back and enjoy the freedom of speech PARODY.

            NOTED, your support for the potty mouth village idiot. Birds of a feather DO flock together…

            1. Parody? The word is impersonation.

              Since that’s okay with you, then let’s add an important message in your name:

              TRUMP SUCKS.

              See how impersonation improves the good humor here?

  1. Augmented Reality . . . The fact that the Apple Logo is in 3D is a clear hint that it has to do with Augmented Reality and the new 3 lens camera on the iPhone. I’m kind of surprised that in the articles that I have read, that no one has seen that “hint” in the logo . . . some might speculate that its the sign of a 3D camera, but pundits say that Apple will have a 3D camera on the iPhone in 2020

    1. Interesting idea, Jay. Seems like a reasonable possibility. Apple has certainly focused a lot of effort on AR in the past several years – cameras, laser sensors, specialized processors, and software.

  2. Labor Day Musing: Interesting the gelatin Apple logo is an under the Radar return to PURE Skeuomorphism! WooHoo!

    Fingers crossed one day the flat icons of iPhone will get a much needed UPGRADE …

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