What’s expected at Apple’s September 10th ‘By Innovation Only’ event

Apple today sent out invitations to the media for its annual September event, where it is expected to announce new iPhone models along with final details and pricing on its streaming TV service, Apple TV+.

Todd Haselton for CNBC:

The event will be on Sept. 10 [at 10am PDT /1pm EDT] at the Steve Jobs Theater, which is located at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

According to numerous leaks and reports, Apple is expected to announce three new iPhone models. There will be a successor to the cheaper iPhone XR and two “pro” models that will serve as upgrades to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Apple will probably use the event to talk more about its upcoming services launching this year. Apple Arcade was announced earlier in 2019 and will provide unlimited access to select games for a monthly fee. Apple TV+, Apple’s new subscription streaming service, is also coming in the fall… Other Apple products, like a new 16-inch MacBook and upgraded iPad Pros aren’t expected until later in the fall.

MacDailyNews Take: Only twelvee looonnnggg days to go!


  1. I find it odd that they’re using innovation event when there doesn’t sound like there’s going to be much innovation in their products. It must be a play on words

    1. Cook is patting himself on the back for his $115 million bonus. See, that’s financial innovation. His customers, they can innovatively wave their shiny new credit cards. Also, look, Apple just imitated Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and a dozen other streaming video companies. Don’t you see the innovation? /s

      Meanwhile AAPL investors, brace yourself for the long downhill slide as tariffs take hold. Assuming of course this feckless administration doesn’t waffle for several more months. Tim outsourced all hardware production to China, now he’s going to spend billions moving it to Taiwan or Malaysia or India or whatever the next 3rd world Foxconn site will be. Trumpists will wonder why everything costs 15% more, but there are no more factories in the USA than there were in 2016.

      1. Obviously not into AAPL for the long term. I recall the 7:1 split resulting in a ~$100/share. That share is worth $207 today as Apple continues to make billions.

      2. Hey Mike, I see you become an ever more innovative a$$hoal. Don’t you see your innovasstion? /s

        Meanwhile, MDN readers, brace yourselves for the long downhill slide as Mike’s innovativeness Peters out. Assuming of course his feckless tongue doesn’t waffle for several more months with several more comments. Mike outsourced his brain to the AndroidFandroids website, now he’s going to run his mouth over to Taiwan or Malaysian or wherever China is going to invade and take over next.

        Mikeists will wonder why his comments aren’t 15% more innovative but are instead 150% more waffle, and why Mike has less brains in his head in 2019 than there were in 2016.

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