Apple’s ‘iPhone 11’ design will advance Apple’s mobile imaging lead

“Steve Jobs launched iPhone as “a phone, a widescreen iPod and a breakthrough Internet device,” but over the last decade, one of the primary features driving its adoption among new buyers and upgrades among existing users has been its camera, “Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider:

Apple’s next iPhone — which appears set for unveiling within the next two weeks — is slated to deliver a new wide-angle lens and rear camera depth sensors capable of performing the same kind of advanced Augmented Reality and Visual Inertial Odometry that iPhone X introduced on its front-facing TrueDepth sensor…

These sophisticated uses of the camera, motion sensors, and custom silicon—including Apple’s custom Graphics Processor Unit, Image Signal Processor and other specialized computational engines—go far beyond the notion of the iPhone camera as being merely a device to take photographs and videos… That’s all good news for anyone interested in taking great photos and capturing high-quality video, or in exploring the future of computational photography and the worlds of AR and Virtual Reality—places where privacy will become increasingly important.

MacDailyNews Take: Even beyond Smart Frame, which promises to be plenty cool itself, we can’t wait to see what Apple (and, later, third-party developers like Halide
) do with the next-gen iPhones’ triple-lens camera system!


  1. What Apple has done for the camera is truly amazing! Yet, the ability to take insanely great pics/videos is not high on why many customers want, use, and love our iPhones. My primary use of an iPhone is as a pocket computer to do reading and research on that happens to have a phone app and sinks flawlessly with my iPad and MacBook Pro. Better battery life, faster processor, screen size are what I primarily desire to see continue to improve.

    If the iPhone camera didn’t improve for several years it won’t bother me in the least. What bothers me is wanting all the benefits of the most expensive iPhone which means paying for the latest camera technology I probably never use.

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