3 (great) iPad utilities you should download now

Jonny Evans for Computerworld:

I use my iPad extensively when I travel — it’s all the computer I need — and over time I’ve come across a smattering of essential utilities for the tablet. I want to talk about three of them, which have recently been updated.

I spend a lot of time looking for iPad apps that can help you get things done. I’ve mentioned all three of these before, but as they’ve all been updated this month… These three apps help you take better notes, handle email more effectively and give you powerful tools for PDF creation, editing and management.

MacDailyNews Take: Evans is right in that these apps show that we’re getting to where iOS/iPadOS apps “are in some ways becoming more capable than conventional Mac apps.”

Just in time for Catalyst!


  1. as usual, it’s extremely hard to find info in the actual article, since you overpopulate ads around and above the article. apparently, there is no mention of 3 apps. just that he found 3. great. another waste of time in your advert store.

    1. Jeebus Fargin’ Kerist Jim, you are a whiner and complainer aincha? Shall I call the whinebulance for you? You seem to need it. Just another Trump-lovin’, Obama-lovin’, Greenie-lovin’, PC-usin’, iPad-newbie, yeah? Yeah. Crazed and Confused. Thanks Jim. Thanks very much.

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