Apple releases iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1 developer betas

Apple has made available iOS 13.1 and iPadOS 13.1 betas, releasing point update beta test versions prior to a full version release for the first time.

On Apple’s Developer pages, the company notes that developers using the latest version of iOS 13.1 and PadOS 13.1 betas must also update to the latest version of Xcode 11 beta.

MacDailyNews Take: So, it certainly and curiously seems that iOS 13.1 or later will be the initial release of “iOS 13.”


  1. Been using iPadOS on my pro and while it’s got promise I have to say the OS is riddled with problems. Seriously, how is Apple going to have this ready in a month?

  2. Ipados 13.1 is very buggy on my ipad pro 2nd gen. Icons on homescreen total mess. Touchscreen unresponsive, system hangs. Unexpected as the last beta version was much better. Better not install this one.

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