Apple releases ‘Dickinson’ official trailer for upcoming Apple TV+ service

Via the Apple TV YouTube channel:

Dickinson is coming this fall to the Apple TV app with an Apple TV+ subscription.

Dickinson is a half-hour comedy series starring Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld. Created by Alena Smith, Dickinson audaciously explores the constraints of society, gender, and family from the perspective of rebellious young poet Emily Dickinson.

Song: “I Like Tuh” by Carnage & iLoveMakonnen

MacDailyNews Take: An interesting concept. We’ll have to see more before we make up our minds on this one. Of course, it’s always possible that we’re simply not in the target audience for this one.


  1. If I am watching this correctly – Stupid + Horrible. Appears to be another “coming of age” series, where immorality is encouraged as a great thing, and no real harm comes of it. Yah, that’s how reality of living an immoral life works. It destroys peoples live. Let’s just set it in a older area. Wow, how creative – not.

    1. What “immorality” do you see? I see a typical young person being a bit non conformist. As to her dreams of “wild nights”…well, gosh, I think all young people think of those things in their own way. A “wild night” could just as easily be with your spouse in a very clean and sober way.

      Emily Dickinson in reality led a very reclusive existence and hardly embodied “immorality” of lifestyle. My bet is that the show makes this point, in that it was in her vivid imagination that she lived her dreams.

      Please read her poetry and you will see that she was one of the most amazing wordsmiths who ever lived and that her poetry stands for beauty and life.

  2. Morality is subjective and of the time and place and has always been subject to change.

    Many things that are considered moral these days would be considered as highly immoral even 50 years ago and would possibly have attracted a severe custodial sentence or worse 100 years ago. eg. multi-racial marriage, children born to unwed parents, showing bare limbs at a public beach

    Similarly, what was considered moral 100 years ago is now considered immoral eg. physically abusing one’s spouse or children, marrying and subsequently raping a child, discrimination on the basis of a physical or genetic characteristic.

    1. Subjective? What history lessons did you miss? 10k years of human history – the Torah? Hello? The first writings of history and the Hebrews and the 10 Commandments? This has not changed since the written history of man. What ignorance we live in now-a-days… so sad.

      1. Yes, subjective. The Torah teaches us to sell unwed daughters into slavery and to publicly stone defiant sons and there are many other “morals” previously thought to be objectively hard and fast that are now considered to be highly immoral.

        This changed by subjectively submitting those “rules” to re-examination in the light of more recent knowledge, experience, understanding and compassion and sharing those views with others to gradually (and sometimes abruptly) change.

        You may, perhaps, wish to address your own ignorance of these matters.

  3. This looks very intriguing. I am a huge fan of Dickinson’s poetry; it’s absolutely amazing.

    If they can make Emily Dickinson more known and popular, all the better.

  4. Apple has the opportunity to unite liberals and conservatives alike. with the all nude Naturist Channel, Americans could shed their antiquated puritanical morals and see humans as god intended. libertarians could celebrate the lack of regulation. capitalists can celebrate cashing in on a low cost production, plus increased fannie pack sales. liberal nuts can relive the summer of love with flowers in their hair. Apple could claim increased US investment. repressed authoritarians could finally come out of the closet. maybe there would even be an opportunity for everyone to see a cameo of Be Best silicone tits. Perhaps heartthrob Mnushkin from the waist up too, to be fair to the women audience. everyone wins. America would finally be great.

    1. My guess is that some of the commenters here have never heard of Emily Dickenson, much less read her poetry. That is just another sign of the decline of literacy in our country.

      As my Choctaw grandmother would occasionally say, “Why don’t all these foreigners who have invaded our country go home and make their original countries better, instead of preventing America from being great again, like it was before the disease-infested caravans arrived after 1492.”

        1. What is leftist or arrogant in pointing out that nobody seems to recognize that “Wild Nights” is from the title of a Dickinson poem (and a recent biopic starring Molly Shannon)? People are acting like Apple just made the phrase up to sensationalize Dickinson’s life.

    2. Just because ganji is legal to smoke these day doesn’t mean you should…in your case specially….

      The 19th Century Romantics were not like those in the 17th — they had a clear objective of collective progressivism and there is nothing ‘uniting’ about it.

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