Leaked photo might show first look at the Apple Watch Series 5

Looking forward to Apple Watch Series 5? If you have a Series 3 or older, you probably are thinking of upgrading to Apple’s newest Watch, expected to arrive within weeks. Now, a leaked photo might be our first look at Apple’s next-gen smartwatch.

Chris Smith for BGR:

Apple’s iPhone 11 keynote is approaching, with more and more leaks revealing the device’s remaining secrets arrive each day. But Apple will unveil additional products during the press event as well, with the Apple Watch Series 5 likely to launch alongside the new smartphones…

A French Instagramer by the name of Steven Huon whose account is set to private allegedly posted the following image (via SlashLeaks).

Image Source: Instagram via SlashLeaks
Image Source: Instagram via SlashLeaks

The Apple Watch model above looks a lot like a Watch 4 running watchOS 6.0… So how do we even know this is the new Apple Watch 5? Model number A2157 is associated with Apple’s new Watch generation, having been recently discovered in official Apple documentation filed with the Eurasian Economic Commission earlier this week

MacDailyNews Take: Here is the best version of the image via SlashLeaks. What do you think? Real deal or doctored image?


  1. Eh, it’s hard to say. While looking at the picture, I looked at my series 4 on my wrist. It looked like the corners might be slightly more rounded in the pic, but it’s hard to tell.

    That’s even assuming the pic is really of a series 5.

  2. As long it is compatible with my SS bracelet I am fine.
    Still wearing my very first “series 0” and do not feel a need to upgrade though. And why should I? Banks in my country do not support Apple Pay, Apple does not allow ECG to me (I’m in wrong country), cellular is supported only by one carrier (which I’m not planning to join). Might get ceramic version just for looks if its awesome and I cant resist.

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