Socials social media companies vow to police ‘truth’

Kaveh Waddell for Axios:

For years, Facebook and other social media companies have erred on the side of lenience in policing their sites — allowing most posts with false information to stay up, as long as they came from a genuine human and not a bot or a nefarious actor.

Now, the companies are considering a fundamental shift with profound social and political implications: deciding what is true and what is false.

The new approach, if implemented, would not affect every lie or misleading post. It would be meant only to rein in manipulated media — everything from sophisticated, AI-enabled video or audio deepfakes to super-basic video edits like a much-circulated, slowed-down clip of Nancy Pelosi that surfaced in May.

Still, it would be a significant concession to critics who say the companies have a responsibility to do much more to keep harmful false information from spreading unfiltered.

MacDailyNews Take: What could go wrong? And what happens when deepfakes progress past the point of detection, if they haven’t already?


  1. Who knows what to do when deepfakes are undetectable? Why worry about that, rather than taking down detectable fakes now? Doing nothing would put these companies in the position of helping to spread lies, when they know they are undeniably lies.

  2. NO! Emphatic NO! Unambiguous NO!
    A corporation lying through its teeth in the first place in its ads can not be trusted to stop the government’s false flags. Think WMDs, the hugely successful penultimate lie because it was promoted by both political parties nearly 100%, supported by allies MSNBC, FOX NEWS, CNN, et ali.

    Besides, no one can stop lies in religious practices whose lies are Constitutionally protected.

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