How Apple’s Home Sharing feature works in macOS Catalina

Apple’s Home Sharing feature allows users to share and stream content from their computer’s iTunes library to other computers, iOS devices, and Apple TVs.

Kirk McElhearn for Kirkville:

For years, iTunes has had a Home Sharing feature… Users in your home, dorm, or office could listen to your music, and even copy it to their computers. They could stream videos from your library, and this was a good way to maintain a movie and TV show library on a Mac and stream content locally to an Apple TV.

Perusing macOS Catalina I was initially worried that Home Sharing had been removed, because there was nothing about it in the Music app, but I found that they feature had been shunted to a new location: the Sharing pane of System Preferences.

MacDailyNews Take: As Kirk says, this is a logical move since iTunes’s capabilities are going into separate apps (Music, Podcasts, TV, Books, and Finder), it’s much better to have Home Sharing controlled centrally in System Preferences > Sharing rather than in four different places within individual app preferences.

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