Which is the smartest? Apple Siri vs. Amazon Alexa vs. Google Assistant

As part of Loup Ventures’ ongoing effort to better understand the practical use cases of AI and the emergence of voice as a computing input, the firm regularly tests the most common digital assistants and smart speakers. This time, Loup Ventures focused on smartphone-based digital assistants.

Gene Munster and Will Thompson for Loup Ventures:

We recently asked the leading digital assistants, Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, 800 questions each. Google Assistant was able to correctly answer 93% of them vs. Siri at 83% and Alexa at 80%. Each platform saw improvements across the board vs. one year ago. In July of 2018, Google Assistant correctly answered 86% vs. Siri at 79% and Alexa at 61%.

Which is the smartest? Apple Siri vs. Amazon Alexa vs. Google Assistant
Source: Loup Ventures

MacDailyNews Take: Siri has the phone-related functions like calling, texting, emailing, calendar, and music down pat, but needs work in the Information and Commerce categories in order to better compete with Google Assistant. Each assistant improved over time, but Amazon’s Alexa has shown the most improvement: “As measured by correct answers, over a 13-month period, Google Assistant improved by 7 percentage points, Siri by 5 points, and Alexa by 18 points.”


  1. Without seeing the actual queries that were used to test, it’s hard to see if there were any feature bias made consciously or unconsciously. Great to see the Voice assistants getting better all around.

    1. Well, if you watch movies like “Eagle Eye” and the TV series “Person of Interest”, Voice assistants are the least of your worries. The master AI is already watching and listening to all of us… public and private security cams, cellphones, lip reading via video, audio reconstruction via observed vibration of flexible surfaces like grocery and chip bags. 😛

  2. This was an unexpected turn of events… although Google’s AI is really advanced, given the worldwide popularity of Siri, I would’ve expected it would be the overall more efficient and more preferred virtual assistant. Guess Google finally beat Apple!

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