High-end 2019 Apple iPhone lineup may shift to ‘Pro’ branding

A leaker with a brief but proven history is predicting that Apple will move the “Pro” name to at least one model of the 2019 iPhone lineup.

Mike Wuerthele for AppleInsider:

Twitter user “CoinX” has said that Apple will move the “Pro” marketing term over to one of the 2019 iPhone models. IF accurate, clearly the “Pro” model will be the highest-end model, but beyond the name, the leaker didn’t provide any more information on what would make it so.

The leaker does not have a long history, but has a generally accurate one. CoinX pegged the iPhone naming, the resurrection of the iPad mini line, the iPhone XS mass, and the symmetry differences between the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ll just leave this here:

• iPhone Air
• iPhone
• iPhone Pro


  1. They keep changing their consumer base to more affluent people who can afford high prices while leaving out the people who want to use their products but can’t afford the high prices. Which is a hugh Mistake. Remember how apple got started, getting mac into schools and getting into more family base market. It’s easy for them to create a more lower teired and flood the market with apple gear pushing out competitors but they won’t I don’t know why. Who’s gonna buy a $6k mac pro? limited market there. the parts costs about $1000, you can make up a hackintosh for $1500. They could easily pushout a i7 mac pro for $3k and get it out to more people while making a profit. Sell iphones for $600-1000 easily, but anything over that? the market is limited. Get everyone a ipad for $500, not gonna happen. Apple should be company for everyone not a “luxury brand”. The 2nd tier(used/expired) market is hugh because people want Apple stuff but can’t afford it, thus either buy refurb/used or keeping their old stuff going, opening this market up is better for apple as it gives them the money they’re are losing now. I’m highly disappointed in the way the company is going.

    1. They actually are considered a luxury brand. I’m not rich but Apple is a luxury brand I always splurge on, I want an Infiniti but I spend my discretionary cash on Apple and drive a Nissan instead. Refurbished Apple products are a great way to save money and still use the tech you want. Of course it’s outdated, but with Apple you get what you pay for. You’re not paying $1000+ -!; you’re also not getting the latest and greatest. I feel like this a very fair prospect.

  2. Apple’s strategy is not “market share” per se, but top products at top margins to those who are willing to pay top prices. We keep forgetting that. Frankly, many, many people who typically will not pay higher prices for other products will do so for Apple’s because of the eco-system: everything works and works well together. You can’t find that for most of their competitors.

  3. Exactly, a high-end 4” iPhone Pro for sophisticated professionals (the sort of person who already has an Apple Watch and at least one iPad and doesn’t need to use his smartphone as a tablet) and reduced prices for the supersized versions that the Hee Haw demographic prefer,

  4. “Pro? If you are not a professional, then your iPhone is better named iPhone Amateur which would add a touch of cultural romance to offset the stogma of the lower end device. Too demeaning? Then call it iPhone CoEd or iPhone Entry. LOL

  5. People get a little overboard when wanting to call Apple products “Premium”. It’s certainly quality and the innovation far exceeds the competition.

    At the same time, Apple products, like the iPhone and Watch depend on mass marketing. The big vehicle for this would be the wireless carriers, like ATT. There are almost always promotions and the 3 year terms make it possible for “non-premium” to get the phone or watch they want. This common customer is the Apple Base that funds all the R&D and Apple loves them.

    Apple missed out a bit with the last iPhone X series. The XR is not the most comfortable in the hands and the $999 base version didn’t turn a lot of people on. I believe that Apple was experimenting with what they could get, and that is going to make it pretty hard for future models.

  6. Don’t fool yourself, it’s all about $. Apple like all smoke and mirror companies (which now Apple is a member of) know, the “Pro” label means more $ and may or may not include more/better features. You’re good at the “game” Apple…I still believe Apple has the best tech products but, they are really pushing the pricing based more on flash than flare.

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